Why Nylon Panties Are Mens Underwear

Society, the fashion industry and department stores have got it wrong. Nylon panties aren't women's underwear, they are most certainly panties for men. How have I come to that revolutionary conclusion? It is simple. As a woman, I have been made well aware of what can happen if one wears nylon panties on a regular basis. (If you happen to be squeamish about lady issues skip the paragraph below and go onto the one below it. It contains lady secrets pertaining to unpleasantness.)

So what's the big problem with women and nylon underwear? I have two words for you, (well, one word and one acronym.) Thrush and UTIs. Nylon simply doesn't allow lady parts to breathe properly, so whilst it is fine as a fabric for those special panties you wear on on a date when you want to impress a man later, it just doesn't work on an every day basis. The first thing doctors and pharmacists recommend when a woman has issues with fungal infections or UTIs is that she switch to wearing natural fiber underwear, because natural fibers like cotton allow the body to breathe and do not trap moisture and heat the way that polymer based fabrics tend to do. Even if you've never suffered from thrush or a UTI, wearing nylon panties on a daily basis can still lead to build up of heat and moisture and an unpleasant odor. Essentially, a woman wearing nylon panties all day is a woman creating her own private petrie dish.

Men on the other hand, don't have these problems and can therefore wear nylon panties with impunity. Men are not continuously secreting fluids in the same way women are, therefore wearing nylon and other such shiny pretty fabrics is not a health hazard. Of course, if you do a lot of physical labor in your day to day life, you may also find that sweat is trapped in your knickers if they are made of nylon and other related fabrics.

A pair of nylon panties makes much more sense they are a garment intended for a man. It's as simple as that. Men look just as good in nylon panties as women do and aside from looking good, they also have certain parts that allow them to enjoy the feeling of wearing nylon underwear even more than women do.

So let's recap.

  • Nylon panties can put women at risk of thrush and UTI's
  • Nylon panties worn by women can make for odors that other people find unpleasant.

On the other hand,

  • When worn by men, nylon panties have no health drawbacks, although if worn on a hot day, they may also become unpleasant.
  • Men can enjoy the smooth feeling of nylon panties more than women, because they have the necessary parts to do so.

And we call nylon panties women's clothing, why?

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Comments 30 comments

Melanie 6 years ago

I couldn't agree with you more completely. . .I LOVE nylon panties and wouldn't be caught wearing anything else.

joanetta 6 years ago

I agree absolutely .. never understood why male underwear is so lousy and why female underwear is sooooo good :-)

pantied bill 6 years ago

I love my nylon panties. I have collected quite a collection and love to wear whenever I get a chance.

femguy 6 years ago

I love nylon it makes me feel like a woman. Cotton prints are so cute to look at but I wear mostly nylon.

chevy34_00 6 years ago

I wear nylon panties because of how they feel and because I like how they look.

celtichic 6 years ago

Great work again Hope! I agree of course. I've worn nylon panties since I was 4 years old, my mother buying them for me at first...after I told her I wanted to be a girl. My mother is and always was deeply insightful into the human condition, as you can tell. But nylon of course is great for men as you say, due to the tactile glories of them. We have sensitive sensors (like Star Trek ones, but for other reasons!!) there.

But next you need to explain why Lace Panties are best for men! That is the type I prefer and wear daily...and my wife loves to see on me. Hooray for lace panties on men!!

PantiesRMe 6 years ago

I totally agree. Thanks for all you've done for us panty wearing guys!!!

Riich 6 years ago

I had to laugh with what you write about nylon and heat. One of the google ads are for a 4 pack of nylon panties and states They'r great for Summer!

I to do enjoy my nylons.

Tom 6 years ago

Another good reason to wear panties full time !

I wear microfiber blend bikini panties all the time and find they are much more comfortable and breathable than men's cotton briefs.

Thank you Hope for another great article.

Jacque 6 years ago

Mem ought to try WinterSolks style 807. Wouldn't trade them for anything else.

Jacque 6 years ago

Should be WinterSilks

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

I love nylon panties. Don't want to steal them from the women world though, let us both have them :D

Anthony 6 years ago

I wear Jockey size 5 or 6 depending on th fit nylon or lycra bikini regular paties.I Love them:}

Jennietv 6 years ago

Wearing nylon panties at work is great, but due to their thinness, require pantie liners, or better yet, pads, so as not to stain the front of your trousers!

plinkers41729 6 years ago

There is a very simple reason why I wear panties full time. I am much more comfortable wearing them and I started about three weeks ago at the age of 72. My scrotum slips down and under and sometimes I feel as though I am being sliced in half when wearing men's underpants. This means I am forever having to adjust my equipment. My wife was having an amusing moment and put me into panties one day and made me wear them all day. I had the first day of comfort in 72 years. I haven't tried all the different styles but so far I like Bali Skimp Scamp so I have bought ten pairs. What I do if ever I go to stay with the kids I don't know.....regarding wash day??????

Berta CD 6 years ago

Now that the warmer weather is arriving here in Massachusetts I will soon be storing my satin briefs away and once again enjoying the feel of my Vanity Fair Lace Noveau silky nylon (size 12) briefs on my body. I've been a full time panty wearer for 2 or more years now. Have kept a few pairs of those yucky tidy whities for doctor / hospital visits or other situations as have been noted previously.

BOMBHEAD 6 years ago

I went into panties about a month ago for more comfort and it's great wearing these. I've tried Vanity Fair, Sears and Bali Skimp Skamp and I like the Bali the best. I went to the Bali site and sent them an email telling them that they have a wonderful product and that they should make them for men with a similar design. I got an answer back, they are interested in my comments and have sent it on to their marketing division. Do the same, more voices will bring results. Berta, I live on the Cape.

threesweds 6 years ago

For me, wearing a pair of women's nylon panties under my male clothing is my secret while at work. It is exciting to think that I may be wearing the same panties as my female coworkers. My lingerie drawer is filled with an assortment of nylon panties in many colors, some with lace and bows, and some with pretty prints. I find women's panties very comfortable and quite the sensual sensation.

Jadi 6 years ago

I absolutely love my Vanity Fair 'Perfectly Yours' nylon panties! The look, the fit, and, especially, the feel! The Ravissant and Lace Nouveau are my favories. I know that wherever I go, I am always one of the best 'underdressed' persons there. Great post!

big guy 64 6 years ago

I am a male and went to macys store to get my wife some panties, and was surprised to the feel of these panties. I bought one pair for myself and put them on at home, and my wife seen me and I told her I liked them. She then told me why don't you buy some for yourself, and I went back to three macys stores and bought vanity fair nouveau lace panties in white black and candleglow. Now my wife and I buy these for each other for B-days and on special occassions Thank you vanity fair and Macys sales

Mark 6 years ago

I always wanted to wear nylon but would die if I was caught in public in ladies knickers, then I found www.jg2.com and that is all I have. The contour bikinis are perfect and you can get feminine colours to make you feel sexy if you desire.

Trust me guys you won't look back!

Not Every Guy? 6 years ago

Um .. I don't know about everyone else but I can't wear any of that stuff. I get infections so easy it's not funny! I have female friends who can get away with wearing just about any underwear no problem, but definitely not me! I get drenched from sweat just wearing jeans and loose cotton boxers, when I tried to switch to these due to comfort and I got a jock itch fungus... I had to go back to cotton and use an awful smelling spray for 2 weeks! Maybe anyone, male or female, who is fairly dry down there, can get away with it, but I doubt it's as cut-and-dry as 1 gender, 1 wardrobe.

panty sissy ray 6 years ago

I love sheer nylon pantys I have been wearing pantys since I was a 13 year old boy .now I love wearing slips garter belts stockings heels pantyslips I just love having a woman watch me dress in a pretty outfit. I can not get enough pantys , you lady are so lucky....panty sissy ray

JayDee 5 years ago

Mark I can't agree more. I love the JG2 brand, made for the male anatomy, sexy as hell too. I was wearing VF illumination bikini's and they are almost a unisex line, but I would much rather wear something made for a guy. And for all you guys out there worried about what a woman thinks, shock the hell out of them by ligthing up their world in a way no man ever has and let that be how they think of you.

Tiger 4 years ago

Wear panties, mid leg and leggings since manyu years back under my men clothes, and love them, there is a real wide choice of colour, model , fabric, that is wy i love them so much. On the man side, the choice is very narrow, but some Cie seems to wake up a little bit, and there more eager customers actually, are woman who buy's underwear they loved to see on their men

panties4me 3 years ago

I wear Jockeys elance cotton during the winter months and any thing made of nylon during the summer months . I also wear nylon nitties for bedtime and anything else .

sissyboy1 3 years ago

I like to wear panties because they fit better than a mans underwear.

When I wear a mans underwear that fits sizes like 34-36 the waist fits me but the main body of the underwear is to big and the leg holes are to tight. And when I buy single size underwear the waist and leg holes fit but the main body is to tight. But panties fit me just right and they also fit over my diapers I wear now and make pretty diaper covers. So panties should be made for both men and women.

porgie 2 years ago

I just love the feel of silky panties my mother caught me with some many yrs ago! It was always our little secret! I always had fresh silkys to sleep in at night under my pillow. She said boys do these things and I understand the pleasures she said, and silk slips too!Oh I loved my mom!

pinkpantieman 12 months ago

Been a pantie wearer for years now. Thanks hope for your comments on nylon panties I love wearing the vintage style granny full brief nylon panties that were around in the 60s and 70s the lace and that silky nylon feel its purer heaven.

Normal Guy 8 months ago

I'm a straight married guy with two grown kids who loves the feel of wearing nylon panties. Wife does not care for it and says it weird but tolerates it. I think she is afraid others will find out. I wish she could be more accepting and enjoy this along with me.

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