Got Dandruff? Losing Your Hair? Never Fear, Organic Hair Care is Here!

Organic Hair Care Remedies Can Help.

Decades before popular hair growth medications came on the market, people were using organic home remedies in order to promote follicle stimulation.Hair loss and baldness are caused by a number of different factors, from environment, to hair type, to one's genes; so, not all remedies will work for everyone.However, considering the many benefits that organic treatments have beyond just hair growth; and, the unknown side effects that the many chemicals in drug store medicines may have; using a natural, organic solution is a ‘no-lose’ situation.

One of the most effective and beneficial treatments for hair loss is the use of Aloe Vera.Aloe Vera works to keep the PH level of your scalp balanced, and it will also deliver much needed nourishment to your roots.Besides using Aloe Vera directly on the scalp, there are many reputable organic brands of Aloe shampoo and conditioners available. Even buying an Aloe Vera plant and using its pulp directly has many benefits, and is also a cost effective way to treat minor burns, scratches or irritation.

Another highly effective organic agent is vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is well known for its benefits to hair health, but few people realize that it is also a powerful tool to use in combating the effects of hair loss as well. To use, you simply need to put a few drops of the vitamin E oil onto the palm of your hand and rub it in. Massaging the scalp as you do this has the added effect of promoting blood flow, and improving circulation, which can also promote hair growth.

Ahhhh ... It's beneficial, but Oh So Relaxing ...
Ahhhh ... It's beneficial, but Oh So Relaxing ...

Many people swear by the effects of sage and rosemary to help prevent and treat hair loss. Together these two herbs are can be fried with olive oil and then strained.Straining is a great way to get the active properties out of the herbs and will give you a nice, and potent oil which you can heat up and apply to your hair. The recipe is simple, a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and sage in a pan with olive oil until the leaves are crisp, and the essence of the two are infused with the oil; then, the oil can be used the same way as a traditional hot oil treatment. Try not to do this more than once or twice a month.The oils can make your existing hair seem dull and lifeless if used too often, especially if you have long hair.

What it comes down to with hair loss is the underlying cause. If your hair loss is due to a vitamin deficiency then the above treatments, as well as a balanced diet and possibly a daily multi-vitamin, should help quite a bit. Unfortunately, if your problem is genetic then there is often little to be done. The beauty of organic treatments is that unlike with chemical laced hair growth medications, you have nothing to lose.

Dry Scalp Leaves Its' Mark on Your Shoulders
Dry Scalp Leaves Its' Mark on Your Shoulders

Organic Dry Scalp Solutions

Having an itchy, dry scalp is never a fun time. Who wants to feel the urge to constantly scratch their scalp and brush away flakes of dandruff every five minutes? Dry scalp, like baldness, can be caused by a number of different factors. The most common causes are reactions to environmental changes, or skin allergies, though occasionally there is a genetic cause, or an underlying medical condition. If you feel that this is the case, you should see your doctor to rule any of these causes out.

If you suffer from other allergies, such as pollen or hay fever, then more than likely you have also suffered through bouts of dry scalp and dry skin on the face. This is also true if you have sensitive skin, as this type of skin is more reactive to the harsh chemicals put in our everyday soaps and shampoos. There are many natural home remedies for dry scalp, and many of the remedies used for hair growth can also promote a healthier, more moisturized scalp. Besides the examples given above, there are a few organic remedies that are specifically useful to know about when trying to treat dry skin on your scalp and face.

Shea Butter Helps Moisturize the Scalp
Shea Butter Helps Moisturize the Scalp

Shea butter is a wonderful organic product that can be found in many natural shampoos, soaps and lotions. Shea butter is probably one of the most widely available organic remedies, and has quickly gained popularity due to its pleasant smell and effectiveness. It is a natural moisturizer and will help to get rid of uncomfortable irritation or dryness on the face and scalp. Besides preventing and treating dryness on the scalp, shea butter is also useful in restoring the natural shine of your hair.

Natural oils such as tea tree oil and olive oil are well known for their healing properties.The oils in both are naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which can help to fight the bacteria and fungus that often cause dry scalp.Like Shea butter, tea tree oil can be found in many organic cleansing products, and olive oil is even more ubiquitous. Almost every home has at least one bottle of olive oil, and it can be bought at the grocery store for less than five bucks.As with hair loss, dry scalp can be improved simply by massaging these oils into the scalp thereby promoting circulation.

Eat Healthy and Exercise First!
Eat Healthy and Exercise First!

The number one thing to keep in mind with hair and scalp health is that regardless of what treatments you use, organic or not, if you aren't eating right, exercising, and getting enough water into your system, your body will suffer, and it may lead to things like hair loss or dry, itchy scalp among other things. The moral of the story is that before you consider all of the ‘bad’ consider what you have control over.That is to say, if you’re not eating right, keeping up a healthy lifestyle, and as a result, you’re experiencing hair loss or dry scalp.Try eating right and exercising on a regular basis (as in more than 6 months on a regular basis, 2-3 times per week). Do that and, if you’re still experiencing the problem, incorporate an organic hair care product that addresses the issue.

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