Organic Salon Products

Organic Salon Products

What does organic mean?

The term organic has a wide variety of definitions. When applied to salon products, the term organic refers to those products that have more natural ingredients which minimize the use of harmful chemicals. When considering salon products, you can generally assign them to one of two broad categories:

1. Professional salon products: those products exclusively used in the treatment of a client by a licensed salon professional such as a stylist, colorist, or other cosmetologist. These treatments can include perms, hair color, or keratin straightening treatments. Products in this category typically involve a more significant change to the hair and therefore require at least some chemical involvement. Advances in the use and technologies of organic and natural ingredients have transformed this category class throughout the recent few years and lead to significant advances in replacing these chemicals with natural or organic ingredients.

2. Retail Salon Products: those products that are sold in salons, by purchased and used directly by unlicensed consumers, generally on their own skin or hair. The extent to which these products will have a lasting impact on the skin or hair is intentionally limited and therefore the requirement for chemicals has traditionally been much lower than professional salon products. Products in this category may include shampoos, conditioners, treatments, skin care, and lotions. Retail salon products generally cost more than store-bought beauty products because the quality and effectiveness is substantially higher. Retail salon products have been specially designed for performance and manufactured with the highest quality to deliver the premium quality that consumers have come to expect from their salons. Many retail salon products can only be found exclusively in salons and the salon operators have done a considerable amount of due diligence into the product and consciously made the deliberate determination to tie their image to that product line. These products are not made to be price competitive. Rather, they are designed for the higher level market that demands impeccable performance.

The degree to which salon products can be organic varies by these two categories. Professional salon products can be free of almost all dangerous chemicals, as they are replaced with more natural alternatives, but still require small amounts of safer chemicals to be effective. Retail salon products can be free of almost all non-organic ingredients and will still do an excellent job at what they are intended to accomplish.

Price of Organic Salon Products

In general, organic products cost more to produce. The cost of sourcing and harvesting organic ingredients, extracting and purifying the desired extracts, certifying the ingredients, and putting manufacturing processes in place that comply with responsible eco-friendly values that incorporate a fair-wage philosophy can be quite expensive. When one compares this to buying synthetically generated chemicals in bulk and simply mixing them together, it is easy to see why the costs of organic food, makeup, and salon products can be a bit more expensive to produce.

Because of the higher production costs, the prices of organic salon products can be higher than their non-organic comparable. Many wonder why, in a world of economic recession, why the organic industry continues to rapidly expand despite its higher prices. The answer is simply that people understand and justify the benefits organic products deliver. These benefits can come in many forms including health, environment, social responsibility, and living a less chemical-based life.

For people that value the benefits of organic products, and have a desire for the best performing products for their health and beauty, organic salon products are the more pricey but natural choice. For many of us, it is as much a choice for wellbeing rather than a product driven consumer choice.

Organic Salon Products and Your Health

One of the most loyal consumer demographics for organic salon products is survivors of major illnesses like cancer. People that have overcome such adversities have grown to appreciate the positive impact of developing their self-esteem and eliminating as many chemicals from their lives can have on their overall well-being.

The organic salon products industry, or "professional organics", has been growing at an incredible pace as clients and salon professionals have been realizing the potential dangers of the chemicals in traditional products.

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Mehgan Collinsworth 6 years ago

I only use organic products on my hair and skin and only go to salons that do not use ammonia, formaldehyde, or thioglycolates in their products. Over the last few years, my health and wellbeing have improved tremendously. This is a lifestyle choice I will never regret!

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