Organic Sunscreen The Natural Way To Protect Your Skin

It's getting to be that time of year, the weather is warming up and many of us are starting to plant flowers and gardens and before long it will also be swimming weather. This also means a lot of time spent outdoors and if you're not careful it can also mean the start of some very painful sunburns.

Most of us already know that getting too much sun is harmful and over-exposure has been linked to skin cancer, but did you know that the very product that you're expecting to protect you can also possibly increase your risk of cancer?

Most sunscreens are filled with chemicals that are absorbed through your skin and end up in your bloodstream . Like a lot of people you may not have even considered what was in your sunscreen or possibly you thought that the benefit outweighed the risks. Of course I'm not a doctor nor do I claim to be one, but like most people I am concerned with my health and do believe that we are exposed to way too many chemicals in our daily lives. So if there is a way to help minimize that exposure I'm all for it.

organic sunscreen the natural way to protect your skin
organic sunscreen the natural way to protect your skin

Sunscreens and Sunblock

With natural sunscreens and sunblocks you will find that they need to be reapplied more often than other sunscreens. And price-wise they tend to be more expensive than the regular drug store sunscreen.

Typically a chemically free sunscreen will need to be reapplied after approx. 40 minutes in the water. And with some brands customers have complained that because of the zinc oxide they also tend to leave a white tint to your skin.

A couple of ways to get around this is to just apply less sunscreen and make sure to massage it well into your skin. Otherwise some customers like to add a little of their foundation to the sunscreen to help balance out the color. But no matter how you handle it, the benefits to using a chemical free sunscreen far outweigh the higher price and any of the small inconveniences that you may encounter.

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Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

Great info here on natural sun-screens Karen. Read sometime back that the chemical ones can actually be bad for the skin in certain ways.

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