The Best Organic Shampoo

If you're looking for organic shampoo you may be disappointed in what you get with some brands.  Unlike "organic foods" many organic shampoos are deceptively mislabeled as organic.  When you go to the health store to purchase all-natural organic personal care products, many times you end up buying something full of unnatural man-made ingredients.

The craze of buying organic has been raging for the last few years.  Where only a few decades ago most people had little knowledge about or care if something is organic or not, today, millions of people are buying organic foods, clothes, and body care products.  While strict guidelines have been applied to the foods you eat about what is organic, other industries, like skin and hair care, have no guidelines for what is termed organic.  With that as the case, a shampoo company could stick a label on their shampoo to say "organic" but reality the shampoo is barely organic at all.

Is My Shampoo Organic?

Since companies can label their shampoo organic without any federal regulations to stop them, the only way to check to see if the shampoo you're going to buy is organic or not is by reading the ingredients.  Man-made ingredients should pop right out on the list.  Zinc gluconate, methyl propyl paraben, olefin sulfonate, DEA, steareth-2 would all be examples of unnatural ingredients in a shampoo bottle.

Once you've verified the ingredients, ask yourself if the company itself is credible.  While having a "big name brand" doesn't necessarily dictate credibility, buying your hair supplies from an outdoor vendor with a funny accent is definitely something you don't want to do either. A person or company could directly lie about the ingredients on the bottle.

Aubrey Organics Shampoo

The Aubrey Organics makes a wide range of all natural shampoos and conditioners for a variety of different hair types and styles.  A lot of the people who have tried their brand have been turned into fans for life.  If you're skeptical about the getting into a new all natural shampoo brand, Aubrey Organics is a good place to start.

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this website is good, but i never got what answer to what needed to know.i did learn other things.

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