Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal - Guide to Laser Hair Removal Procedures

Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal

For many women, excess hair on the body and face is a nightmare, adversely affecting their self-confidence. Because of the embarrassment caused by excess hair, many women and men are afraid to go swimming or sunbathing, and feel the need to cover up whilst everybody else tops up their tan. As a result, many people resort to a battery of treatments, attempting to rid themselves of unsightly hair. Most of the common treatments are painful and time consuming, so many women look for a more efficient method for removing excess hair on the body and face.

Christopher Ziemnowicz:
Christopher Ziemnowicz:

Hair Removal by Waxing, Shaving and Electrolysis

Waxing and shaving are the most common methods for removing unwanted hair, but have some severe disadvantages. Waxing is painful and shaving is time consuming, and both methods do not last for long, as the hairs soon grow back, stronger than ever. Plucking is fine for small areas, such as the eyebrows and lips, but is extremely painful; plucking nasal hair certainly brings tears to the eyes!

Electrolysis is an extremely popular method, and it is very effective, giving a permanent result after just a few sessions. However, the technician must treat each follicle individually, ensuring that hair removal by electrolysis is a long, painful and expensive procedure. Until fairly recently, electrolysis was the only method, until researchers discovered the potential of lasers for destroying hair follicles, and eradicating the embarrassment and discomfort of excess hair.

Laser Hair Removal

For the last twenty years, an increasing number of women and men have turned to laser treatment as a quick and relatively painless way of removing hair from unwanted areas. It is quick, effective, and leaves very little soreness or redness, allowing patients to fit an appointment in to their lunch break, or undergo a quick session after work.

The basic principle of laser hair removal treatment is that the technician delivers a short pulse of intense laser light to the follicle. The frequency of the laser light ensures that it passes through the skin, without damaging it. When the light strikes a darker hair follicle, heat is released, which disrupts and destroys it, whilst leaving the rest of the skin relatively untouched.

Amelia Amelia:
Amelia Amelia:

The Improvements in Laser Hair Removal Technology

Previously, the lasers were only effective against dark hair in fair skin, which gave the contrast required for the targeting process. However, constant refinements have ensured that more people can undergo the treatment, and millions of patients undergo laser hair removal every year. Laser hair removal is extremely long lasting, and does not carry the risk of scarring or the discomfort that can arise from electrolysis.

Depending upon gender; hair color and coarseness; location; and the skill of the operator, laser hair removal requires between 5 and 12 sessions. Hairs grow in a number of distinct phases, making it impossible to treat all of the hairs in an area in one session. Even so, the ease of the process ensures that this does not require a large amount of time or money.

Choosing the Best Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal Center

When choosing a center for hair removal treatment, make sure that you seek one that uses laser treatment center, rather than the less effective ‘photoepilation system,’ which uses conventional light. Finding the best Palm Beach Laser Hair Removal Center involves much more than searching for the cheapest price. Finding the best center is all about looking for the best practitioners, who will make you feel at ease and perform the procedure quickly and painlessly.

You will need fewer sessions, and you can finish the course of laser hair removal treatment confident in the fact that you will be able to wear your swimwear in Palm Beach. No longer will you need to cover up, or suffer the loss in self-esteem that excess hair can bring.

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