Pandora Food and Drink Charms

Here is my second installment of the Pandora Charms that are available. This time I'm focussing on the food and drink related charms, including some fascinating retired fruit charms.

Food and Drink Charms

You may think that wearing minature food or drink items on a charm bracelet does not sound that appealing. I have to be honest, I really did not pay them much attention at all when I first became interested in Pandora Charms either. I couldn't see any relevance to wearing food related charms, unless you were working in a restaurant perhaps, or were given one as a gift for outstanding prowess in the kitchen! They were not the first charms that I discovered.

However, as time went by and my interest in Pandora bead jewelry grew, I took a second look at the food and drink related charms. To my surprise, they were quite intriguing and well worth investigating.

Pandora Jewelry's Retired Golden Strawberry
Pandora Jewelry's Retired Golden Strawberry
Pandora's newly released Sterling Silver Grape Charm
Pandora's newly released Sterling Silver Grape Charm

One subsection of the food charms is the fruit charms. There are a few "fruit" Pandora bracelet charms, including a very expensive 'retired' golden strawberry bead which currently retails at close to $700, if you're fortunate enough to find one! There is also a retired silver sterling version of the Pandora strawberry charm, which naturally costs quite a bit less yet still has the same detail and design.

You can also buy a silver pineapple or a sterling silver apple that comes complete with a small golden 'worm'.

My absolute favorite fruit Pandora charm, however, is the newly released Pandora grape charm. It is a beautifully crafted sterling silver charm with the design of a cluster of grapes and a vine, and a semi-precious stone dangling from the charm. If you want green grapes then you would choose the Pandora grape charm with the green Peridot hanging from it. If it's purple grapes you're after, then the light green amethyst would be the choice of stone for you. These particular charms really are well crafted and in my opinion are some of the best 'fruity' charms Pandora has released to date.

Other Food Charms

Retired Mushroom Bead

Aside from the retired gold and sterling silver Strawberry charms, there is also a very rare retired silver mushroom bead, which has it's own particular charm. The cost, $89, does seem to be a bit expensive for a Sterling Silver bead, but the fact that it is retired--meaning it will not be produced at all anymore--and rare, or hard to locate, has caused the price to increase above what it is worth for the silver alone.

Breads and Cakes

If you're interested in something a little sweeter :-) then Pandora charms also makes a cupcake, and a fantastic wedding (or birthday) cake, that looks quite authentic. Then, there's also a Picnic Basket Bead that's also quite cute, and like the other Pandora beads, very well designed and a delightful addition to your Pandora charm bracelets.

Tea, Anyone?

Another favorite of mine is the silver teacup. It's a remarkably well crafted little tea or coffe cup that sits on a saucer. It is made from Sterling Silver, and is very reasonably priced. If you want the entire set, there's also a Sterling Silver teapot, that fits very nicely with the teacup! These Sterling silver beads really are very well made.

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Wedding CakeCupcakePicnic BasketTeacupTeapot
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket

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Debby Johnson 7 years ago


Thank you for bringing some of these to my attention, I have recently being looking for something different and the food and drink charms are very different. I have recently being buying some of the animal charms and these are great.



SusanWesty profile image

SusanWesty 7 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for stopping by Deb. Yes, the food and drink charms are pretty unique!

pandora silver bracelets 5 years ago

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