Panty Thieves Are Everywhere

I published a hub about His n' Her panties just yesterday. It was a hub that suggested men who like lingerie buy two sets when they go shopping, so as to share lingerie with their girlfriends and wives without actually sharing the same lingerie. The idea was to save women the problem of having their husbands and boyfriends stealing their lingerie without their knowledge, a practice which I cannot, in good conscience, lend any support to. (Though I am well aware that it will not stop many of you hardened panty criminals out there.)

Regardless, it appears that I may have wasted my breath, for I am far too late. Panty thieves are everywhere! And they're not just men, no, there are women out there who are actively stealing underwear from their husbands and boyfriends and wearing it. Not even pretty underwear either, but manly, cottony underwear, the very same underwear I've been waging a war on for years now.

So then, what madness is this? Well, it is simple really. Women love comfort. So much clothing aimed at woman is drastically uncomfortable. There's a reason why 'granny panties' sell well, it is because even though they may not look like the most attractive things in the world, they are incredibly comfortable. The same rule applies to men's underwear. Men's underwear, especially of the kind that is sort of between a briefs and boxers, you know, the ones that kind of look like tight boxers but are a bit shorter? You know what I'm talking about. They look demmed comfortable, even to me, in fact, next time I am in the department store, I am going to buy a pair and see how they feel.. I'm guessing that they feel super awesomely comforable.

So then, we have men purloining women's panties because they look pretty and are made of soft, smooth slidey fabrics, and we have women stealing their men's underwear right out from under their noses because they feel good. This is actually a very good thing. For too long we have assigned the right to look pretty to women and the right to be comfortable to men. It's about time both genders felt free enough to break out of those roles without worrying about being judged for them. Panties do not maketh a woman, and tighty whities do not maketh a man.

If it works for you and your partner to simply toss all your undergarments into one drawer and have at them at will, then do so. Such freedom is to be entirely commended and greatly encouraged.

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sneakorocksolid 6 years ago

Well many years ago my wife and I were backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail. We got deep into the Glacier Peak wilderness area and some how my wife had lost or failed to repack her underwear. She spent the rest of the trip sharing mine and she couldn't believe how comfortable they were!

I only wear my wifes panties on my head when I'm made to fold clothes. My wife of 35yrs has failed to see the humor and she usually replies with,"Take'em off moron!"

ILoveLingerie 6 years ago

Let them mix, I say. No harm done, if both partners are comfortable with it.

Gr8legs profile image

Gr8legs 6 years ago

A couple of years ago my (now ex-)wife and I were getting ready to go out to a dinner being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a prominent local organisation, when she decided that the half-slip she had intended to wear under her dress was not adequate for such a special occasion.

"Darling", she called to me from the bedroom as I was exiting the shower, "do you have a white slip I could borrow tonight, please?".

I duly obliged by handing her a beautiful white, silky half-slip that came down to just below the knee. As she put it on she made a comment about borrowing my lingerie more often for special occasions.

That really is something out of the ordinary, a wife borrowing her husband's lingerie!

foxxyz69 profile image

foxxyz69 6 years ago from Niles Ohio

I like whats in the mix!

Sherman 6 years ago

Gr8legs: Sounds practical to me! It also makes sorting the laundry much easier. It would be good if more homes/couples functioned as well.

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