Panty Wars! A Champion Arises For Beige Lingerie

For many moons now, I have been disrespecting beige lingerie. I have said that it is boring. I have said that it fails to match any skin tone known to man. I have said that it is the domain of attention starved women who are afraid that their panties will upstage them. I have been cruel, I have been snide, I have been close minded. I have drawn lines where no lines should be drawn.

I have cast beige out without so much as a fair trial. I have imprisoned it in a Guantanamo of my own making and deprived it of all human contact. I have mocked it on the streets. I have tied it to a flagpole. I have pushed it inside a locker and made it stay there for the whole day until the janitor heard a muffled banging long after everyone else had gone home. I have asked to see its birth certificate, then declared it to be insufficient. Has anyone seen beige's long birth certificate? I think not.

I have thrown beige into the harbor as a protest against taxes. I have run it over with a large tank whilst it stood alone. I have discovered pockets of henceforth unknown beige lingerie in areas of the world never visited by man, and I have hunted it to extinction. I have mounted it on my wall, I have made it my foot rug.

So downtrodden is beige that I have forced it to be covered when it leaves the house. I have refused it the right to drive, the right to be educated and I have declared it to be the property its nearest male relative. If I see even the tiniest portion of beige sneaking out here and there under clothing, I have beaten it mercilessly whilst screaming humiliating slurs at it

It seemed right to me that beige should be treated this way. It was not as the other colors and shades. It was dull. It was weak. It was evil.

But then, one man stepped forward. From the darkness of a sweet, lavender scented lingerie night he came forth and he declared. “Actually, you know, I think beige can be rather cute.” At first I scoffed and considered declaring him an enemy combatant, but then he produced evidence. Evidence I could not ignore. Photographic evidence which proved that not only is beige lingerie cute, but sometimes quite alluring. I now submit this evidence to you all, so that you may no longer share the same prejudice which I have so carelessly propagated throughout the Internet.

Let us embrace beige, let us accord beige all the privileges which are due to other colors of lingerie.

And may God have mercy on our camisoles.

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Cyndie_D 7 years ago

Wonderfully will said. It takes a special person to think that public statements they had made could possibly be wrong, and an even stronger person to say so.

Thanks for keeps us so well informed.

Mary Mac profile image

Mary Mac 7 years ago from Victoria Australia

Beige looks beautiful looks so satin and soft I have a buitiful bra, camisol and half slip that love wearing.

Thank you Hope for your wonderful info.

kfsteve391 7 years ago

I have several lace thongs and panties in beige. They look great on me. I really like them.

threesweds 7 years ago

Hope, I really have to agree with your opinion that beige lingerie is boring!!! When I shop for any lingerie I look for color, prints, or florals. Lingerie in beige is almost as bad as wearing mens white briefs. Thank goodness I gave up wearing the briefs for panties. The softness of nylon and even cotton in a never ending assortment of colors, lace, and mesh encasing my male parts makes my day.

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