Pea Coats

In the world of ever-changing fashion, few clothing items are truly timeless. However, some do make the grade A good Chanel suit and a sturdy pea coat have beaten the odds. No matter where one sees a Chanel suit, it is recognizable for its classic lines and distinctive design. Pea coats turn heads because they are classic items that can worn well by almost anyone. The origins of the two could not be more diverse. A Chanel suit is design art. No aspect of the suit was left to chance. The smallest detail was part of a larger plan. This plan included the color of the thread and the perfect fabric for the lining. The design of the pea coat rose out of need and the original fabric came out of its availability and gave the jacket its name. Pilot cloth or p cloth is a wool worsted fabric that was used to repel water and keep out the cold wind. Staying dry and staying warm have always been priorities for sailors aboard ship and the pea coat was a good answer for this problem.

The original pea jackets used on American ships are always navy blue and had buttons with an anchor logo.  In modern fashion, one sees pea coats in hundred of colors from the original navy blue all the way to brilliant white. The classic anchor buttons are often changed to suit the more modern design and to bring some additional design element and now range from plastic to brass to ceramic. However to fit the classic pea coat design, they are short, double breasted and normally have pockets. The seaman was a generally a working man and a long coat hindered his ability to move quickly. The original pea coat's lapels were rounded and could be buttoned closed for added protection. Modern pea coats may have some design changes to reflect the fashions of the day.

When a sailor wore a pea jacket, he was safe in the knowledge that his warm wool coat would protect him from the salt spray. When a fashionable young woman wears her pea coat, she is not trying to protect herself from salt spray and the warmth of the fabric is often secondary to its appearance. The clean lines of the pea coat are classics in the fashion world and are be the reason that this design never seems to become stale. Pea coats are sturdy work jackets that have become classic fashion icons.

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colm.flanagan 6 years ago

Love the pea coat, there's alot of new and pretty sick styles out now!.. ive done fashion hubs for men myself, check them out..:)

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