Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Are Still Chic

Pear shaped engagement rings have always been a classic and elegant style of engagement ring for most modern brides to be.

Of course the current vogue for engagement ring diamond shape appeal is square.

However there is much to like about the pear even though many young couples relegate this shape to a has been because of exposure to aggressive marketing of all manner of branded specialty diamond cuts now available.

You may consider a pear shaped diamond to be a cross between the stead oval and the svelte marquise having the strengths of both with none of their weaknesses.

Katherine Heigl’s 3 carat pear shaped engagement ring in platinum is a testimony to the elegant pear shaped diamond’s appeal to even younger generations.

Check out the nice modern ring styling on the pear shaped diamond engagement ring top right.

Styling Advantages Of Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

A pear shaped diamond is a diamond that has two personalities and it can be quite interesting to figure out how you should design your mounting to accommodate for that.

Like in the image above you can see how a very simple, sleek mounting has managed to play up both the point and the oval end of the pear diamond in two distinct ways.

Both ends of the diamond have two distinct personas and it is always a treat to see how expert engagement ring designers go about treating this distinction since there is generally only one way to wear pear shape engagement rings and that is point forward for most designs.

Of course there are some designs that actually position the pear shape 45 degrees off of a full sideways position but these are quite few and far between.

Mostly these would be pear shaped diamond right hand rings attempting to find a bit of personality.

With the point outwards a pear shape accomplishes a similar feat thet the marquise shape does which is giving the hand and fingers the illusion of length in much the same way as vertical stripes on a dress makes you look slimmer.

Check out the pear shaped ring on the hand in the image above and see how it adds length to it and gives an all around elegant look to your hand.

Taking Advantage Of The Pear Shaped Diamond’s Face Up

Like the marquise, the pear shaped diamond also delivers a bigger face look for the carat weight and money and one of the best ways to take advantage of this especially if you have nice long fingers is to bulk up the shoulder of the ring as it approaches the diamond.

The easiest way to do this and also the most cost effective way is by using a split shank mounting like the one on the pear shape engagement ring shown to the right.

A split shank simply means that the shank of the ring splits into two shanks that widen away from each other and connect with the stone mounting at two points on each side.

It allows the ring to look elegant and balanced while the open space in the “split” gives it an airy and light look makes so it does not look bulky and overbearing like the ring above.

Simple Solitaire Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Styling

Pear shape engagement rings also look great in simple single shank styling however great care and attention has to be paid to their shape appeal since the shank will connect with the pear diamond head mounting at two points which have to be the visual center of the diamond.

Typically this is at the widest portion of the diamond lengthwise and as long as your pear diamond is within a few percentage points of the ideal 1.6:1 length to width ratio and the shoulders slope naturally then single shanks can look great.

The single shank generally is the same gauge around the entire circumference of the shank. It’s best that it does not get wider as it approaches the center pear diamond.

You can see this elegance of a well balanced single shank pear diamond solitaire in the image to the right which allows the use of a thin shank for a delicate looking mounting that plays up the elegant shape appeal of the pear diamond to the max.

Decorating the shank with a row of pave diamonds down the shoulders is a great finishing touch.

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