Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearl engagement rings may not come to the mind of most brides to be as a viable option for their most cherished piece of jewelry.

Nevertheless, a growing number of young couples in these hard times are choosing a pearl engagement ring to tie the knot and are pleasantly surprised to discover the enormous variety of pearl gems that they can choose from to fit in the center of their engagement ring.

Pearls are classic gems so there is no need to feel that your engagement pearl ring is someday going to go out of style.

Pearls have always been in style from the simplicity of small rice pearls all the way to exotic black Tahitian pearls.

Color Of Pearls In An Engagement Ring

Because pearls come in such a variety of colors and sizes, your best bet if you plan on going this route for an engagement ring is to decide on the color of pearl that you wish to sit in the center of your ring.

Most brides to be choose a neutral tone like white, black or grey. This will allow them greater leeway in planning for the style of mounting that they wish to use as well as the type of accent gemstones that will accompany the pearl.

If you decide to go with a non neutral color like the popular chocolate, pistachio, gold, pink or peach hues then you may have to rethink your mounting options so that the metal and accent gems if any will complement the color of pearl that you choose.

Black pearl engagement rings and Tahitian pearl engagement rings are quite popular these days since they offer a bit of cache to the category of pearls in general.

Pearl Sizes For Your Pearl Engagement Ring

Next up is the size of pearl to be used. A nice sized pearl for use in an engagement ring should be somewhere North of 12mm depending on the size of your hands.

For instance if your hands are quite petite and your ring finger size is something like 3 3/4 then you may not be able to carry off a pearl that is above 15mm in diameter like this one to the right.

I would also stay away from Mabe pearls because although they have a nice sized dome without the bulk of the total pearl ball they are still considered blister pearls in that they are not formed in the tissue of the pearl but are formed as part of the shell of the pearl.

If you don’t have any hangups about this fact then cultured blister pearls may also be a good choice if the style of mounting that you prefer requires it.

Mounting Styles For Your Pearl Engagement Ring

You have quite a bit of flexibility in terms of the type of mounting that you would like for your pearl engagement ring.

Antique pearl engagement rings and vintage pearl engagement rings are popular style choices for the bride that wants some bit of detailed workmanship on the ring like art deco filigree work, millgraining or vine and flower motifs from the art nouveau period.

Most mountings go very well with pearls because pearls unlike faceted gemstones present a flat spherical canvas that is quite neutral in texture and will look equally good with classic, contemporary and eclectic mounting styles.

You may even employ the services of a skilled goldsmith to craft you a one of a kind mounting for your particular choice of pearl for a very tailored and individual; looking engagement ring that will not be found anywhere else.

Metal Choices For Engagement Pearl Rings

Because pearls come in every conceivable color imaginable whether natural, bleached or dyed, the choice of metal will depend on the style you want.

14kt and 18kt gold is available in pink, yellow, white as well as a combination of pink and yellow called peach. Other exotic colors that you usually don’t see in gold are blue, purple, chocolate and black.

Most brides will probably prefer to narrow their choices down to the pink, yellow and white hues for their unique pearl engagement ring.

If they are thinking of using a high quality 12mm akoya pearl with pink overtone for their ring then they may wish to complement that pink overtone with a touch of rose gold in the ring or have the entire mounting made from rose gold.

On the other hand if the center pearl is going to be something like a 15mm gold South Sea pearl, you can stick with yellow gold or go for a two tone yellow and white combination mounting.

A black pearl engagement ring will best be served with a white gold or platinum mounting with yellow gold accents if you wish.

If the black pearl has a green overtone then yellow gold as an accent will look good. If the black pearl has an aubergine (magenta) overtone then you may consider pink gold accents on the white gold or platinum mounting.

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