Pearl Gemstone-The Stone of Moon

Pearl gemstone, more popularly referred as Moti, is one highly cherished stone of modern times. They are believed to be formed out of those rain drops which fall over the mouth of pearl oysters and then solidities over there. However, in the beliefs of Hindu religion, they are formed out of the tusks or ivory of elephants, bamboo, or snake gem.

The sheer beauty of this stone is so intense and influential that any true gemstone lover can’t resist from having it. Furthermore, the metaphysical properties as possessed by this stone further contribute to its popularity. As it is popular as a stone of love, those who are deep in love with someone prefer to present it as a gift to their partner.

Pearl gemstone belongs to Moon, which is considered as one of the nine astrological planets. The color of this stone resembles the color of its planet, i.e. white. However, the white-colored pearl is one of its forms. It is also found in few other varied colors such as pink, silver, yellow, blue, and sometimes even black. It is available in abundance, which has resulted in a substantial decrease in its price in the present market, and that decreased price has further contributed to its already vast popularity.


As already said, pearl gemstone is found in abundance. Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, India, and Australia can be compiled in the list of the most prominent sources of this stone.

Ruling Planet

As already said, Moon rules this gemstone. This association enables Moti Ratna to act as a pacifying tool as and when Moon gets placed in weak or malefic state. Other than that, Moon is believed to be an influential factor on human mind, as well as on the factor of presence or absence of intelligence, general well being, and fortune of a person. These aspects can be positively influenced with the help of this stone.

Ruling Zodiac Sign

Pearl gemstone is associated with those who have Cancer as their Zodiac Sign.


Pearl gemstone has enormously effective and enormously varied benefits on its wearers. In general, it is considered as a source of luck and wealth. However, there is a lot beyond that. Its impact is extensive, ranging from positive influence over mental aspects of its wearers to physical aspects.

For Mental Stability and Concentration

It is recommended to those who easily get livid, even on matters of insignificance. Short-tempered people can gain control over their aggression by wearing this stone. This stone helps to regulate that aggression in a more positive way. Other than them, those who find it difficult to concentrate their mental thoughts and energies, and stabilize them in one concrete frame can overcome that state with the help of this stone.

Health Benefits

This stone has been confirmed to be effective for those who are suffering from any sort of diseases related to abdomen, ulcer, intestine, throat, stomach, urine, heart, and eyes. Other than them, it can also be brought in effective use for curing problems of physical weakness, fatigue, indigestion, low calcium level, and other general diseases concerned with female sex. Besides warding al such diseases, it adds a spark to physical aspect of one’s individuality which apparently gets reflected with the shine on the face.

Other Benefits

Pearl gemstone stimulates and strengthens heart. It confers one with the true results of blessings of parents and brings family pleasure. It makes one more liberal and kind, more enhanced with administrative skills, and better with creative thought process. It also enhances intelligence and learning abilities. It enhances social status and reputation, helps one gain proximity with influential people. Those couples who have remained devoid of children even after several years of their married life can shower their trust upon this stone to in-return get showered with the blessing of a child. Also, those couples who have off late experienced lots of conflicts in their relationship can expect a revitalization with the help of this stone.

Other Useful Aspects

  1. Pearl gemstone is highly beneficial for all those who wear it abiding by the astrological procedure. However, it has been in specifically stated to act with extreme effectiveness if a mother buys it for her child.
  2. Anyone who wishes to wear this stone should do it on the day of Monday, preferably during evening or during the phase when Moon is rising. It should be worn in the smallest finger of the left hand. While wearing it, the Mantra of “Om Aim Kleem Somay Namah” should be chanted with devotion and dedication.
  3. If one is wearing it as an astrological gemstone, one should make sure to have it of at least 2 Ratti, preferably embedded in silver. The impact of stone gets more intense and more effective with heavier weight of stone.

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H P Roychoudhury profile image

H P Roychoudhury 4 years ago from Guwahati, India

It is interesting to know a lot of information about the precious Pearls Gemstone so to say Moni by reading this hub although the information are based on belief and faith and not on scientific proof, no matter the existence of Universe, the Mystery of life and death leading to the belief of Religion of varied thoughts are also being based on faith & belief.

sameer.anand profile image

sameer.anand 3 years ago from Pilani (India)

Nicely written hub, concise in nature too! Never knew pearl had so many beliefs attached to it. Just hope somebody numerically proves metaphysics.! :P

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