Pearl Ring

Whoever said that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend was undoubtedly unaware of the white pearl’s sheen and undying serenity. Since they grow inside a living creature, each pearl is unique. It is often said that pearls are as timeless as love.

Pearls come in different varieties, like the akoya pearls, the freshwater pearls, the south sea pearls, the mabe pearls, the Tahitian pearls and many more. Pearls are a symbol of purity and elegance and lend a classic and sophisticated appeal to anyone wearing them. There are various forms of pearl jewelery available in the market today, ranging from delicate pearl strings to mystical pearl drop earrings and the sedate pearl rings. Everyone gorges on pearl jewelery, especially women today long to have rings made of pearl. Wearing a pearl ring is often considered to bring good luck to its owner. Also the delicate structure of pears lends a feminine appeal to any hand making it an irresistible sight for its admirers.

Pearl jewelery often comes encrusted in 18k gold as increases the durability of the jewellery item. But with the changing trends a single exquisite pearl set between glittering diamonds has become a favorite among the ladies. Very few of us know that these pearls are made up of calcium carbonate and the smoother a pearl is the more ideal it becomes for jewellery. Pearls have been highly valued as gemstones; in fact pearls have almost become a metaphor for things that are rare and admirable. Natural pearls are sold by carat weight and most of the natural pearls available in the market today are vintage pearls.

Another reason for the surmounting popularity of pearl jewelery is its trendy appeal. Pearls are an evergreen fashion statement. One can coordinate pearl jewels with almost any outfit. A chunky pearl ring with diamonds can lend oodles of attitude to even the simplest of attire. Perky pearl strings can be worn as a daily wear jewelery item. Or the legendary pearl necklaces can be coupled with party gowns and dresses for a genteel look. Owing to its demand many renowned fashion designers have showcased their pearl jewelery collection ranging from daily wearable pearl jewelery to the bridal collection.

The popularity of pearls can be attributed to the fact that jewelery made of pearls is extremely light in weight and is much cheaper than gold and diamond. One does not need a special occasion to flaunt pearls; they can be worn on a regular day to work or to an evening do at a lounge. In fact rings made of pearls are liked by young and old women alike. There is nothing beautiful then a well manicured hand displaying a giant white pearl.

Pearls are classified by their shapes and origin. Most of the buyers are unable to differentiate a superior quality pearl from an inferior quality one. While shopping for pearls ensure that you have a fair idea of the quality of the pearls or else always take advice from an expert before buying any pearl rings.

So do some quick research, pick your favorite design and get ready to be spoiled by the fine luxury of this aristocratic gem.


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