Pediatric Scrub Uniforms: Cute Styles

I'm over 30, but I can still remember what it was like, going to the pediatrician's office. I was prone to getting Strep several times a year, so I had my fair share of visits as a kid. Fortunately, the docs were family friends, so I always kind of liked going there. (That, and I always got loads of lolipops on the way out.)

What made the office particularly cool were the themes in each exam room. They had painted murals on the walls and everything was brighly colored. What made the visits even more cool, were the nurses and their rainbow-colored scrubs.

Mind you, the cartoon fashions you see on scrubs today weren't seen back when I was a kid. I'm not even sure if they were available or not. But the nurses at least went out of their way to find something fun-colored, which would distract you from knowing you were about to get a load of shots you didn't want. Today, Pediatric Scrubs are pretty easy to come by, and they aren't that much more expensive than regular scrubs. And kids LOVE them. Hell, adults love them, too. Check out the following styles and you'll see what I mean.

Cherokee Scrubs: Color of Love

This is a pretty cute top, innit? What kid doesn't like puppies? And what kid doesn't like rainbow colors? Made by Cherokee, you know these will stand the test of time, and you know they'll be super comfy, even when you're pulling a second shift. And the kids will love you for it.

Cost: $20

Cherokee Scrubs: Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues is a very popular kiddie show, so you really can't go wrong with one of these sets. Bright, fun colors, happy doggie faces and pretty flowers. Boys and girls will both like this design, and they're sure to tell you so. Also made by Cherokee -- long lasting comfort when you need it most.

Cost: $20

Cherokee: Tweety Doodle

Ok, so some kids today might not know who Tweety Bird is... but you do, right? And even if they don't know who Tweety Pie is, they will still love to look at him and his beautiful eyes. The colors on this Cherokee top are vivid, but not so much so they'd be distracting. If you work on a quiet ward, this would be a good choice.

Cost: $21

Barco: Hearts and Humms

I think I'm safe in assuming that all children know the Pooh Bear. Or perhaps Tigger and Piglet? Everyone loves a bouncing Tigger, right? If you work with tots, this will brighten their day, for sure. That's the whole point of Disney, innit? Made by Barco.

Cost: $12

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