Perfume Testers,the secret of cheap perfume

What are Perfume Testers

We have all been in department stores at some stage in our lives and have often had perfume or cologne thrust at, or offered to us. These perfume and cologne samples that these salespersons are so eager to give us are perfume testers. If you look closely at the bottle that these samples are given from you will notice that they maybe labelled “sample” or “demonstration”, these are perfume testers. You may think that I am suggesting that the secret of cheap perfume is getting free samples of perfume at department stores everyday, but this is not the case. It may be possible to do this however but it is hardly practical if you are going to work or going on a dinner date.

So how is this going to get me Cheap Perfume?

Department stores, and other places that sell perfume and cologne, purchase these perfume testers at discount prices. The reason that companies sell them at discounted prices is to promote their fragrances, as it is in their interest to make their scent known to as much of the public as possible. While department stores purchase them, it is also possible for anybody to buy them at these low prices.

Is there anything wrong with them?

No, if you buy a perfume tester, it has not been used in a department store or anywhere else. They contain the full quantity of a bottle of regular perfume or cologne and are not a watered down version of you favorite brand. They also come in the same bottle that you buy in a store. They are fully legal as well, just in case you wondered.The only difference between a perfume tester and a full price bottle is the packaging of them. The box may have tester written on it, it may come without the decorative top (not the spray nozzle), it may come in a plain cardboard or white box, or it may come without a box. These are just ways of reducing the makers cost, and are all variations depending on the manufacturer. If you buy a tester version of a brand you all ready use, you will already have the top of the bottle, whether is glass, metal or otherwise, you will also have the box if you like to use them.

Where can I get perfume testers?

The best place to get Perfume Testers would be, the internet. If you have particular or favourite fragrance in mind then you can type in for example “ Cool Water Perfume Tester” and you should get many results. Many companies sell them with regular perfume. It should be taken into mind that not all manufacturers make perfume testers, but most do.

So to summarise

Perfume Testers are unused, have the same amount as retail bottles, are the same quality as retail bottles but have a much discounted price, are totally legal but may have some packaging differences. So Perfume Testers are a great way to get Cheap Perfume but are probably not the best idea if you are purchasing a gift for someone.

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Lynda 7 years ago

Wow, great information on perfume testers!

I never knew that you could buy these just like regular perfumes

Thanks for the info!

Kenzo perfume 6 years ago

A really wondefull post! I myself a great lover Kenzo perfume is thoroughly sexy.



I recommend Kenzo perfume!

khah 5 years ago

were can i get cheap tester bottles of purfum 4rm call me plez on 07770598240

LViddamoy profile image

LViddamoy 5 years ago Author

You can find them on Amazon, if you click on the Amazon links above in the Hub.

Daniel Martin 2 years ago

great information. I was not aware of this information. From now I will try the tester first. Thank you

Cheap Perfume 2 years ago

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