Michael Kors Very Hollywood, Marc Jacobs Lola

Lola - Marc Jacobs
Lola - Marc Jacobs

Perfumes And Colognes

Everyone loves the smell of a great perfume or cologne whether you wear it or just smell it on other people. Some scents are very irresistible and sexy while others are fruity and fresh. I have tried a variety of perfumes and smelled a couple of colognes that I think smell great this year. Take a look at my list of favorites in 2010.

Lola - Marc Jacobs (Women)

Lola is a floral fruity fragrance with a peppery peach grapefruit hint and a vanilla based scent. I personally love this scent because it is very fresh and clean smelling. The invigorating burst of fruit is a earthy and sexy tone to a great outfit.

Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren (Men)

Polo Blue is an invigorating blast of fresh air. It is a cool, fresh warm spice that should smell good on any man. It has a shower gel and after shave set that any man would love. This will make you wanna get a little bit closer to him.

McGraw Southern Blend - Tim McGraw (Men)

This is Tim McGraw's second fragrance. It is a fresh modern scent full of natural elements. McGraw is a very classy and sexy older man so he put that sense into this great smelling product. It will make a woman sure notice you.

Very Hollywood - Michael Kors (Women)

Very Hollywood smells very good with hints of jasmine and raspberry. It has a very inviting and classy scent that is not too strong but very noticible.

Estee Lauder And Givenchy

  • Sensuous - Estee Lauder (Women)

Sensuous has a warm, luminous and feminine scent that will take any mans breath away.

  • Play - Givenchy (Men)

Play has a very masculine fragrance. It has a Carribean feel and a scent of Mandarin.

  • Youth-Dew - Estee Lauder (Women)

Youth-Dew has a very erotic, sexy and warm scent. It is very inviting and strong.

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stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

Lola smells absolutely amazing.

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