Personal Review about Olay's Natural White, All in One Day Cream

Sachet version worth Php 10

Front view
Front view

Why Did I bought it?

I don't know if it has something to do with age or food I eat or soap that I use to cleanse my face but I've been experiencing a bad skin day most of the time. When I say bad skin day, my face tends to dry after washing and my pores are very noticeable if one will look closely. I really hate it because, when it got dry, my face got itchy so 'kakamutin ko sya', which will still damage my skin pretty bad. This is why I came looking for moisturizer to remedy my issue. I've been thinking of using serum instead since it's a good base for make up according to some experts I've seen on YouTube. But I ended getting Olay since its way cheaper and within my budget that time compared to serum which will cost me around 350 up to 1000 on other products. I choose Olay out of all products, since I've heard a lot of good feedback about Olay's Total Effect, so I thought maybe it is just too. Why not give it a try, its only 10 pesos.

The following are my thoughts about the product after using it:

A. Texture of Product:

Very smooth to touch. It's not watery, thick type. Even it's thick, it's not sticky. Consistency is between lotion and cream.

B. How did it look like?

I dubbed it on my hand.
I dubbed it on my hand.

C. Smell or Scent:

It smells so good. More on flower rather than fruity scent. Compared to other products on the market, which tends to hurt your nose when you smell it.

D. How was it upon applying on your face?

Lightweight and non greasy. So easy to apply. It glides smoothly as I applied it to my face.


It got easily absorbed if you apply it when your face is dry. Otherwise, applying it after a bath, will take it for 2 to 3 minutes dry.

E. Did it blend well with your make up?

Yes. After applying and letting it dry, I applied the BB cream I always use. Every day, moisturizer and BB cream is an important part of my beauty regimen. Since lately, I have dry skin, it's a must that my skin is moisturized so that may make up won't appear dry and flaky. Even if it's moisturized, it has to be non greasy, otherwise I'll feel uneasy throughout the day. Luckily, this product did compliment my skin and my make up. It is easy to smooth and even out the BB cream on my face. Also, blending the different shades of eyeshadow isn't difficult at all because of the moisturizer.

F. What you don't like about the product?

None that I could think of because it address the dryness of my skin and even give me an added factor of glowing skin which I noticed every morning when I wake up for I used it at night too.

G. Would you still use it again?

Yes, of course! I'm a satisfied user. Sachet version of this product is brilliant for women whose on a budget but doesn't want to sacrifice beauty. So budgeting is possible for beautiful women.

H. How long did it took for the result to effect?

For me, it took me more or less 10 days to really see the effects on my dry skin. My husband even noticed it.

I'm neat freak, so I decided to put it in a container.

Unang sachet ko, kumakalat sya. So I bought small container (P30), where I could refill it with Olay. Hindi na messy.
Unang sachet ko, kumakalat sya. So I bought small container (P30), where I could refill it with Olay. Hindi na messy.

I. Would you recommend it?

Yes! The sachet version is budget friendly. A lot would be thrilled to use it.

However, if you don't want things to get messy, I propose to put the product in an empty container, be it new or recycled, so that it will not spill out. Look on the photo below and see what I did.

J. How long did the sachet last?

For me, it lasted for more or less 2 weeks. Why? I only put a pea size on my palm and that size is enought to cover my face. Take note, I use this twice a day.

K. Other good thing about it:

Olay's All in One Day Cream is very docile. I can even use this as hand cream. Or remedy to soften some rough parts of my skin because most of the time, I hate wearing lotion especially on dry season when it got sticky under the warmth of the sun. Since it works on my skin, then why not on my body.

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Product effectiveness:

5 stars for Rate of effectiveness and pricing.

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