Pevonia Botanica Treats Problematic Skin

I've looked around a lot online for cleansers that can clean my skin without drying it out. Dry skin is a major problem for me for most of the year except the warmest months. I don't know where I get the dry skin from because neither my mother nor my father have suffered from dry skin even in the dead of winter. Pevonia botanica dry skin cleanser has been great for my skin because it rinses without leaving a filmy residue that most other dry skin cleansers from le prairie and clinique do. Yet , it moisturizes and keeps my skin feeling supple. It's like a hair conditioner that washes clean. I've never used a commercial hair conditioner that washes clean. Everything you find in the supermarket is the super commercial products that are just a disaster for me.

I generally use the prevonia cleanser in the morning and evening. You don't need a lot of it so you don't need to feel that your life savings is going to get chewed up using prevonia products. You just need to work a small quantity into your face in the morning after your shower. Just massage your face with your finger tips and work the soft creaminess in and then wipe off your face with a wet washcloth. make sure you use hot water on the washcloth so the pores open up . this allows the cleanser to work its magic and really get rid of the dirt and other gunk that clog up your pores over night,

Pevonia Botanicals for Combination Skin

Many of us have combination skin on our faces where we have dry areas around the mouth and throat and oily zones on the forehead and nose. the pevonia botanica combination skin lotion can be found at reasonable prices by shopping around online. This lotion is non-alcohol based so it does not have that astringent effect on your skin. It controls T zone oiliness and prepares the skin for for foundation layering with the inclusion of lactic acid as one of the main ingredients.

Instead of using alcohol, the lactic acid is a far more effective as an oily zone reducer and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight from dehydration. Healing aloe and witch hazel round out the ingredient base of this lotion that leaves your skin feeling supple and protected from the morning makeup onslaught. I use this lotion exclusively in the morning and my foundation and coloring layer on evenly without that gunky feeling. Pevonia retailers abound on the internet and if you don't get anything else, this morning cleanser will do wonders for your face the whole day through.

I suppose the same thing could be accomplished with a pevonia mask if you have the money and the time to do it maybe once a week. I don't use the mask products from pevonia at home but I did use them at a spa in Cancun. Of course the main difference at the spa is the weather and the person applying the mask. It's important to have an experienced spa tecnician do the application and time the mask properly. You don't want to leave it on too long and a nice tropical environment always helps.

Pevonia Facial

Pevonia Rosacea

Although rosacea is not acne per say, I have found that the Pevonia Botanicals has an innovative solution that works on both rosacea and acne. I often travel with the pevonia spot treatment bottle because its small and easy to pack. It also contains Glycolic and Salicylic Acid tempered with a bit of soothing aloe for a quick almost overnight solution when I experience breakouts on the road. I also take the clariplex supplement and I find that this helps in preventing breakouts if I happen to have a bit too much sugar or chocolate in my system. It is not cheap but I'm sure if you shop around online you will find the pevonia clariplex pills. I take 2 a day when I'm travelling because when I travel it is often mission critical that I not breakout.

The pevonia clarigel exfoliating cleanser is the only other facial cleanser that I travel with and use first thing in the morning. It leaves my face declogged and thoroughly clean. It foams a little and almost feels like your face just had a mineral bath or a mud mask. I think it works so well because of the various fruit oils in the ingredients

Pevona Acne

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