Pevonia Skin Care and De Aging

Women 40 and over start to increasingly peer at their crow's feet and tiny neck wrinkles. They have children and many other responsibilities and yet they have time to be absolutely petrified of losing the beautiful skin they were born in. Granted, many do still smoke and eat foods that contribute to aging and generating acidity in their bodies which contributes to aging skin. One product line that I do like is Pevonia skin care products.

Pevonia skin care products go a long way towards alleviating some of that nagging feeling that youthful skin is about to be lost. I love the Pevonia de-aging mists in papaya and pineapple. I'm not too crazy about the pineapple, not that the smell is strong, but I apply this after i use the pevonia de-aging saltmousse. The saltmousse does a great job of really exfoliating your skin. I haven't checked the ingredients but it must have some pure salt for the exfoliation and the removal of impurities and toxins from the skin. It also has some wonderful smelling fruit extracts that repair your skin and get it feeling silky

I used to work with Kim who fit the single mother super mom or super woman to a tee. For one, she had a very rigid schedule. She had to make sure that her 10 year old son got on the bus in the morning. She was also tied up in litigation because she was fighting for childcare from her ex. Add to that that she doesn't drive well in the snow and has a nightmare of bad luck on the road.She uses the Pevonia Power Repair Age-Defying Marine Collagen Cream. Yeah, I Know, its a freakin mouthful but she swears by it so it will be next on my shopping list.

Pevonia Collagen Cream

Pevonia Skin Care and Oily Skin

With my friend Kim You begin to get the picture of a woman is fighting for her beauty that seems to be drifting away from her as she seemingly becomes more and more insecure when she goes out on dates. Dates? Where does she get the time? She has to be with her son all weekend because her ex spouse is all the way in Atlanta and she lives in the NJ wilderness. Since she has to be at home she indulges in skin cleansing routines with an assortment of products but mostly she uses the pevonia phyto gel cleanser and the youth renew caviar hand and foot cream.

I'm sure she has her son give her foot massages with the caviar cream. From what she's told me it is one expensive cream that she indulges in ever so often. I don't think i would waste my money on a caviar cream. I think I'd much rather eat caviar and let it work internally and let them stuff all the fruit and vegetable extraxts they want in the creams because I hardly eat any of that stuff raw as it should be eaten

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