Pink Diamond Jewelry Not For The Rest Of Us

The pink diamond has become synonymous with high fashion diamond jewelry and celebrity engagement rings. In the 1980s, the public at large never had an inkling that there was such a thing as a pink diamond.

They knew about blue diamonds because the Hope diamond is blue but beyond that, there was hardly any publicity regarding colored diamonds in general and pink diamonds in particular.

Pink Diamonds Come From Australia Mostly

The major source for pink diamonds has been the Argyle diamond mine (right) in Australia that began operations in 1983 and its production peaked in the early 1990s.

Although the production by diamond weight exceeds every other mine it still lags behind in terms of the dollar value of the production. For the most part this mine produces a lot of brown colored diamond rough ranging from champagne colors to dark burgundy browns.

This led the Aussies to start a marketing campaign for brown diamonds in order to make them more attractive to the buying public. It started with the nomenclature whereby brown diamonds came to be known by more exotic names like champagne, cognac and chocolate in their promotional literature.

They had no problem selling the exotic pink diamonds that came out of the mine because they are so rare and the production so scant relative to all the other diamond rough mined.

Celebrities and The Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are all the more highly regarded today because of the celebrities and famous jewelry designers have publicly endorsed them in their designs and fashion.

Check out the pink diamond reproduction ring to the right that mimics the look of J.Lo's engagement ring from Ben Affleck in Cubic Zirconia.

In fact there have been several hedge funds that have put their money into the rare high quality pink diamonds that are auctioned off every year by the owners of the mine, Rio Tinto.

A clean, one carat and over highly saturated purplish pink diamond will probably never go down in value until some mine is discovered in the future to contain an abundance of such diamond rough.

The chances of this happening are probably zero as it would have already been discovered with all the intense diamond mining activity going on in the past hundred years all over the world.

Pink Diamond Pricing

Natural pink diamond jewelry as opposed to treated pink diamond jewelry is a rare breed. Natural pink diamonds are frightfully expensive with a one carat intense pink diamond going for upwards of $150,000 per carat.

It is no wonder that you only see these babies in celebrity engagement rings like the one bequeathed to J.Lo by Ben Affleck on their engagement many years ago. This stone was much larger than that . Pink diamond engagement rings with setting and side diamonds plus a hot shot jewelry designer to do all the work will easily run into the half million and up mark.

The pink diamond engagement ring is the most popular type of jewelry made from important pink diamonds. It is an important measure of love when it comes to the heady lifestyles of celebrities and industrialists.

Normally an engagement ring is required to consume two months of a man’s salary to be considered a monumental sacrifice for the sake of love. One that has an important pink diamond is therefore a good choice for people that make upwards of a few million a year after taxes since it will often cost as much as one of their many vacation homes.

Best Types Of Pink Diamond Jewelry

You're not likely to find many natural pink diamond earrings since it would be very difficult to find a matched pair that conformed precisely to all the parameters like cut, clarity, shape, hue, tone and saturation. If you do find a matched pair it will more than likely be among pink diamonds smaller than a quarter carat in size.

Unfortunately it would be a dis-service to mount such diamonds in earrings because they will not be seen if you are to wear them as diamond studs and they will just get lost in a larger earring setting.

As small as a quarter carat pink diamond is, you’re still talking about a $10,000 diamond at the very least per stone. It’s a far better idea to use a matched pair in a pink diamond ring like a three stone ring with two small pink diamond matching side stones and perhaps a less rare diamond like an F color VS1 clarity round diamond of 2 carats or more which will cost approximately the same as your two side pink diamonds totalling a half carat.

The other option for wearing this exotic colored diamond is the pink diamond necklace. A simple platinum pendant setting can be used to mount your one carat or larger pink diamond in a simple bezel set or prong set pendant that will slide on a stiff necklace like a cylindrical omega with a very small profile so that the pink diamond can be the star of the show.

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