Pique Polo Shirts

The comfortable style of the pique polo shirts are what make them so popular. The shirts are available in styles for men, women and even unisex. The shirts are usually made of a poly/cotton blend, which also makes them very easy to care for. The style of the classic pique shirt has a short button front with a point collar. The cut of the material is what distinguishes the men’s shirts from the women’s. The unisex shirts are cut in a more square style shape to be wider so they fit either gender.

Because the poly blend of the material keeps wrinkles at a minimum, it is a popular shirt to wear with dress pants. While it is not considered formal attire, it is considered stylish and is used for occasions when you want to look well-dressed. The comfort of the cotton also makes the shirt a popular casual shirt. It is also worn for sporting events and is popular among those individuals that play golf. Some of the styles come as having tipped collar and cuffs. This means that there is accenting color stitched around the collar and cuff as decorative trim.
The material of the shirt is also very breathable which makes the shirt a popular choice for a uniform shirt. It is often the shirt of choice for restaurant personnel because it has the ability to maintain its good looks while keeping the restaurant employee cool and comfortable. The shirts come in every color imaginable and can easily be monogrammed with your business logo on them. A few of the more common brands of the shirt include River’s End, Blue Generation and Outer Banks. The price of the pique style shirt can range from $10 to $20 depending on the styling and manufacturer.

If you like looking good and being comfortable, you will probably like the design of the pique polo shirts. If you have an organization or a business and are interested in purchasing large quantities of the shirt, you can find them available for wholesale prices from some clothing outlets. Because the fabric is non-restricting, it is also a shirt that is often used for bowling teams as well. You can have the name of your team or organization printed on the shirts as well as the individual names of the team members. The shirt always looks good whether you wear it tucked in with a pair of dress pants or loose over a pair of comfortable jeans.


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