Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis: Men's and Women's Comfortable House Shoes

The Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis Have Good Arch Support

Barefoot walking is not recommended for men and women who have plantar fasciitis (PF), a condition causing heel and arch pain while walking. People suffering from PF need comfortable slippers with arch support for walking around indoors. I had plantar fasciitis, on and off, for many years. Here are what I think are the best slippers for sufferers of plantar fasciitis designed to minimize heel pain, prevent further injury and so promote healing. Some recommendations are based on shoes I've worn; others are based on research I've done.

Toasty and Fuzzy Does Not Make a Slipper Good

The slippers you choose should not only be comfy and make you go "Ooh, ah!" when you step into them - they also keep the injured foot stabilized with good arch support, something hard to find in your standard fuzzy bedroom slipper.

Why Are Special Slippers Necessary, Anyway?

When the plantar fascia - the soft tissue running along the bottom of the foot - gets torn, strained or otherwise injured, it gets inflamed and that's why pain results, usually in the heel, the arch of the foot or along the side of the foot. Barefoot walking is not a good idea during the healing process, as this can strain the plantar fascia further and thus cause reinjury, which is one of the most common reasons for slow healing. Yes, that's right - reinjury is a BIG reason why plantar fasciitis lingers and recurs. (For more information about caring for feet with PF, see Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options.)

While it's not exactly easy to find shoes for plantar fasciitis, it's even harder to find good slippers for puttering about the house. Most look very plush and cozy but don't offer any arch support at all. Some people like to wear flip flops inside, but thong sandals are not for everyone.

So here is my short list for excellent bedroom slippers suitable for plantar fasciitis of the foot.

Reader Poll: Which Slippers Offer the Best Support?

IF YOU HAVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS, what slipper brands have you liked the best?

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  • Haflinger
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ACORN Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

For those who like the feel of comfy slip-on flip-flop sandals, the thong-style ACORN spa slipper is extremely popular. Plush polyester terry against your feet feels great, and the footbed conforms to the shape of the foot and is lined fully in memory foam.

These house shoes provide stability through the arch support and raised heel. These rubber-soled slippers have a skid-resistant tread and can be used briefly outdoors if necessary.

The quilted Eco Slide slipper has all the cushy feel of a traditional slipper. The upper is made with natural hemp (which has anti-bacterial properties), wool and yak down. The French terry lining is a blend of organic cotton and hemp. The manufacturer states that the polyurethane footbed design, with an enhanced heel and arch support, provides relief from plantar fasciitis. The 25 percent recycled rubber outsole is slip-resistant. These slippers are machine washable.

Where are the Orthaheel Cable Soft Mule Slippers?

I previously had a section here on the Orthaheel mule slippers with a removable insole. They were very popular, but they are no longer listed on the manufacturer's website, so I'm guessing they're not in production right now and have removed that section for now.

For those needing excellent arch support, Orthaheel currently is featuring the Gemma mule slipper, which is a supportive adjustable terry cloth slipper with antimicrobial protection. Although only a couple of colors are pictured here, the slipper comes in a wide variety of colors. Customer reviews on their website seem to confirm that a number of people with plantar fasciitis are helped by this supportive slipper.

It should be noted that Orthaheel also makes flip flops for plantar fasciitis. Orthaheel is an Australian company owned by a podiatrist.

Haflinger Slippers - My Experience

I've had personal experience with Haflinger wool clogs. I wore them indoors and outdoors for years before they wore out. And even though they're all worn through in the uppers, I still wear them indoors. I have plantar fasciitis, and wide feet, and I found the clog is pleasantly roomy and their arch support is comparable to Birkenstock. When I'm having a flare-up, I wear my Haflingers as I putter around the house, summer or winter. They breathe in the summer and are cozy warm in the winter. I truly love them and recommend them for people looking for slippers for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Haflinger is a German company that has been making boiled wool slippers and clogs for 50 years, and now makes some leather models. There are usually options for different colors and patterns. Boiled wool is also known as felt - true felt. I'm allergic to wool, but boiled wool has been treated - well, presumably boiled - to eliminate the allergic factor. I didn't find my boiled wool clogs at all scratchy or irritating. They were intensely warm, firm, and cozy.

Haflinger makes an extensive line of clog-style slippers designed for indoor and outdoor use, though I imagine they wear faster with too much outdoor use. I'd personally primarily wear these slippers in the house to extend their life as long as possible.

Features differ according to the models. Some slippers have an insole liner that absorbs moisture. I found that plain boiled wool is a great moisture wicker, itself. The molded arch is made of latex rubber or cork and shaped to the natural anatomical contours of the foot. The Storm model has a removable footbed. The slippers are designed to be non-skid, an improvement over the somewhat slippy old Haflinger clogs I still wear.

Orthofeet for Men Slippers

These good-looking Orthofeet slippers for guys are suede with an easy hook & loop fastener...and they have a removable insole, something very convenient for plantar fasciitis sufferers who have special orthotics. I see no reason women with wide feet couldn't wear these, too, though judging by reviews they are not as soft and flexible as typical women's slippers. I'm personally tempted to try these!


The author is not a medical professional, and the recommendations in this article should not be taken as medical advice. The author received no freebies in this review. View the author's statement regarding compensation for this article.

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