Platinum Is Still The Top Choice Of Precious Metals To Own


When you think of PLATINUM JEWELRY you think of wealth, power, exclusivity, and more. PLATINUM JEWELRY is the type of jewelry you can say I have something not many people own due to its high cost over gold.

PLATINUM has many benefits that gold doesn't have like its purity & rarity. PLATINUM JEWELRY is also hypo - allergenic so if you're allergic to gold that may have "NICKEL" in it then you will never have to worry about that problem when you wear either PALLADIUM or PLATINUM jewelry.

The photos of the PLATINUM jewelry you see here are just a few of the items that I sell at my jewelry web store, and if you'd like to purchase any of them feel free to let me know.

When it comes to "PURITY" PLATINUM is 90 to 95% purer than 18kt gold which is only 75% pure gold. Which really means you get a lot more for your money purchasing PLATINUM jewelry than you would purchasing gold jewelry.

When it comes to "RARITY" PLATINUM is 35 times rarer than gold, and that only says that you have a precious metal not many others own, nor do they wear.

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