Please tell me if my Chanel Bag is real or not

i did some research, but...

 I bought this Chanel bag at a thrift store for $40. They told me the price is so low because the bag is used and no one will buy it if its too much. They said that when they looked it up it was worth more than $1000. I could not find it online, but something close to it for $1300. I looked up what to look for on the bag to tell if its real or fake, and everything matches up so far. I just want some more opinions. If you could give me your inputs, i would very much appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

please tell me if it looks real or fake. Thanks

All hardware is the same material and color.
All hardware is the same material and color.
Pink satin lining with Chanel all over
Pink satin lining with Chanel all over
The Chanel is stamped with silver on leather
The Chanel is stamped with silver on leather
All the zipper pulls have Chanel on one side and the Chanel logo on the opposite side
All the zipper pulls have Chanel on one side and the Chanel logo on the opposite side

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Preston 7 years ago

I would go with it is a fake......Where it says France it should say Paris......You didn't mention anything about a little leather card on the inside with a serial number and the cc logo and i didn't see the orgianl tag or box or anything that might have came with it but sorry you wasted you money but it is a imposture

Preston again 7 years ago

i actually read your input and i realized something 40 dollars compared to 1000 dollars and you think its real......uhhh no.....but a really good buy even the ones in china town are around 100......and a rolex for like 50 and a lot of other stuff for dirt cheap but looks really real but one time i walking through and this guys was showing me a watch and the he saw a cop walking down the street and just walked off and i still had the watch in my hand and i was like wtf sooooo i had to think keep it and just walk away and possibly get killed or stand there and wait for him to come back..... i waited :)

Katrina 7 years ago

uhmm. i love chanel. i just bought a chanel purse and idk if its real too it seems soo real, mine and im an expert at seeing if they are real. to me, sorry i don't think yours is. it says France it should say Paris. overall this is a tricky one to really tell, it seems great with the labels and everything, but im not so sure. i think its fake but watever it looks nice from the outside its not like u need everyone to see the labels on the inside, overall its a nice bag, i would still use it

tara 7 years ago

Definitely fake - Real chanel bags NEVER have Pink satin lining with Chanel all over it!

ty 7 years ago

I just bought a Chanel bag and got a great deal but it wasn't close to being as cheap as you got yours...also mine came with a card of authenticity and says Chanel PARIS. so for 40 bucks Id rock it anyways ...who's gonna know?

LeeAnn 7 years ago

Its fake. The flap inside doesn't have the trademark. It has to have the Chanel Trademark and not just say CHANEL. It is 110% fake.

Who cares 7 years ago

40 buck is 40 bucks..the rest of you are idiots. First off im sitting right next to my 4000 dollar chanel XL and it says made in FRANCE. Just because her bag is fake doesn't mean you're all right about the details....i stumbled on this looking for prices..but i don't think any of you who made comments have real bags!!

Who cares 7 years ago

1) front, back, and side/bottom views of bag2) CHANEL stamp and MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp (note: in vintage bags, the MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp is directly across the CHANEL stamp on the opposite side). A focused close up photo is required.3) back side of the CC turnknob showing the 2 screws and CHANEL/PARIS engraving. A focused close up photo is required.4) engraving on the interior zipper head and hanging ornament, if applicable. A focused close up photo is required.5) engraving on snap button6) stitched CC logo, if applicable7) hologram sticker. A focused close up photo is required.8) number side of authenticity card, if still available

kimberly 7 years ago

uhmm idkk hun itsz a nice bag i just recently got one, bt idk if its real either

ashlyjoyce profile image

ashlyjoyce 7 years ago


Karli 7 years ago

umm, not sure if this is real. Because i recently got a chanel bag that's obviously real because i bought it in the store, and it says CHANEL PARIS on the little leather tag inside the bag, not CHANEL MADE IN FRANCE... but its really cute, and for 40 bucks? id rock it anyway :)

Ali  7 years ago

People need to be doing their RESEARCH. All Chanel bags SHOULD say Made in Italy or France. I have two chanel bags that I bought from CHANEL stores (one in Las Vegas and the other in South Coast Plaza) and one says Made in Italy and the other says Made in FRANCE so those people who keep saying its fake because it says made in France are idiots who don't own Chanel bags themselves

7 years ago

Does it matter, really? That bag is really cute. I would give you $50 for it!!

megan 7 years ago

it looks like a nicely made knockoff.

nobody who knows how much a real chanel bag would sell it for such a ridiculously low price. those bags go for literally a couple of hundred times the price you bought it for. also, be careful of the lining. i bought an authentic looking bag, and the lining ripped on me the week i got it.

rock it and tell everyone it's real!!! if you can't tell, chances are most other people won't be able to either.

hawaiian gurl 7 years ago

this bag is kute!!! i say real.... nd if not noone will know... that shyt is hot!!!!teo everyone its real nd if they say its not teo dem do dea research!!!lol

Cynamingirl 7 years ago

I don't know hun, i'm actually on here, or got to this "BloG" from a search engine, 'cause i am trying to find out if Chanel Bags that come from; or that say "Made in France are the Genuine "REAL DEAL"!

I bought one from the Chanel Boutique in Holts this past FEB. So I DEFINITELY know its REAL! Plus it cost $2300.00 Canadian. If you only paid 40.00 for yours, i'm pretty certain its a "FAKE"! But WTH it's cute, have fun with it. OH YA, and mine says "MADE IN ITALY"

beatrice 7 years ago

i think it is fake cuz at thr bottom of the bag should be a lil leather tab that has a serial number on it and the cc logo but i would still rock it

Emily 7 years ago

ok i saw the pick on the inside of the bag, and if it was real it would have something called an athenticy (however u spell it) if it was real. it didn't look like it had on. sorry

j-rock 7 years ago

if you have to ask... its not real

Unknown. 7 years ago

it's just awful fake.

I own three Chanel Bags from the Chanel Botique.

it's fake. Obvious.

nina 7 years ago

this makes me laugh, all these people saying it should say "made in paris" lol. no, it should say "made in france" or "made in italy" this is quite obviously a fake, and i do not even need to see any of the details. chanel would never put out anything so gaudy. please.

Skeeter 7 years ago

I just bought a white leather Chanel bag from an auction. It has a white leather label on the inside that says CHANEL Made in France. It has beauthiful sivler buckles and logos all ingraved exactly the way they say they shoud high quality. It has a small leather tab in the inside lower right side of the bag. There is no sticker or serial number on it. Is it possible someone removed the sticker. It has no desturbances in the lining logos at the pocket everything but the missing serial number says it is real. It came in a black bag that says Chanel on the bag in white. Any advise?


Julie K.  7 years ago

I just got a vintage 'chanel' purse with a white dust bag. Aren't all the dust bags black and always has been?

Jenn 6 years ago

i do know that when they are stolen bags, they will remove any authenticity that goes with prove that the bag was stolen, they don't want anyone to be able to find them, and say hey i bought this bag, is it stolen and then the good deal they have is gone...they make a lot of profit off of "falling off the truck" cause its all for $40 is nothing but money in their pocket.

Mattie 6 years ago

It's a fake definitely. The leather looks too plastic like. If it were real it would say Paris not France

maggie mae 6 years ago

what the hell is the fighting over. how stupid and immature, just because a person has a real chanel does not mean their shit smells of violets running alongside a spring of summers eve douche. get real, your not a bad bitch because you have a bag, you stupid bags. cant stand stupid people that think if they have expensive things they are the shit, you are nothing if this is what you base your worth on and yes, on yes, i have a chanel and guess what, so the hell what./

cinny 6 years ago

Hey ya;ll i to found this site looking to find answers.I bought a chanel bag and there was no paperwork @ all, no sticker inside BUT i've been told by experts that its real. And i'm a big ebayer a lot of the bags on there with all paperwork say made in paris and some say france,mine says paris.The only way to find out for sure is do what i did and find an expert in your area.good luck hun,my opinnion i say it's real.but then again they do make some good knock i see where your comin from,it's very nice so just go with it,.good luck...

Jane 6 years ago

This bag is a FAKE! The bag look way too fake, the MADE IN FRANCE is WRONG and this model doesn't even exist!

Susan 6 years ago

All of you need to learn out to spell, use grammar and write correctly. But, to the point at hand, that bag is fake. I'm baffled that anyone would even wonder if it was fake or real. Coco would roll over in her grave if she saw that heinous bag with her, albeit fake, logo on it. It's not even close to being classy.

Emma. 6 years ago

I can't comprehend how you wouldn't realise this is a straight out fake, and a bad one at that, ugh!

Dee 6 years ago

it is definitely a FAKE one as Chanel did not launch any bags with this particular design, also the bag is very poorly made.

profile image

kiddgideon 6 years ago

I know its been so long since this issue happened but I still feel for you pinkwolf. I also agree with the other followers- I think its an imitation poorly done.

I don't know if you have tried shopping online but just incase- I do shop at this site which was recommended to me as well and I haven't been disappointed after three purchases i.e

Otherwise all the best.

samantha 6 years ago

The bag is ugly and you paid $40 for it! COME ON! If you even have to ask, you shouldn't even be thinking of buying one in the first place. Ultimately, you get what you paid for. IF you want a REAL one, pay the $$ like everyone else and buy it from a Chanel Boutique or licensed retailed. (fyi- Chanel does not allow of online purchases so any retailor claiming to sell "real" online is fake)

If you can't afford to buy one, then buy something you CAN afford! That goes to all of you who are sporting these fake classless bag!

Denise 6 years ago

I have a question. I bought a chanel tote which I love from neiman marcus. It is the caviar fabric. I noticed on the bottom which is also caviar, there are a few white markings that look like lines. Anyone know what they are, perhaps defects? I removed tags and noticed these lines on bottom the first time I used the bag.

BubbleeGumPop(: 6 years ago

I have a Chanel Handbag and it looks real but i don't know if it is? It says Chanel Paris inside and on the zip the zip is the chanel logo and in small lettering it it says R in a captail letter with a circle round it. Is it real?


To Samantha, well, who cares if people are sporting fake bags! I think her bag is cute and regardless of it being a fake or not, who cares, as long as you can put your personal belongings like money, etc. and whatever in it, then it works! You shouldn't even be on here, she's asking for kind advice, not some stupid opinion from RUDE people like you.

ablake' 6 years ago

I am looking to find out if a bag that one of my friends found at a garage sale is real or not. It is white on the outside with the big "CC" right c over left c on top and opp. on bottom both zippers on the inside has chanel on one side and 'CC' on other the long straps is 6 inches on both sides of chain with white leather looped through it. The tag on the inside says Chanel Paris. no made in or anything just Paris. the inside is pink with "CC"s barely visable on it. there is a white along the opened pockets on one side just along the top. there is no sticker with a serial number anywhere I can see but I don't know really how old this bag is and really where to look.... The only reason I am concerned is she doesn't want to sell it for cheap if it is real. We really don't care and got it from a place where they obviously could afford a chanel but we where just wandering if anyone could help us figure out the mistery????

gucci online 6 years ago

i love chanel. i just bought a chanel purse and idk if its real too it seems soo real, mine and im an expert at seeing if they are real. to me, sorry i don't think yours is. it says France it should say Paris. overall this is a tricky one to really tell, it seems great with the labels and everything, but im not so sure. i think its fake but watever it looks nice from the outside its not like u need everyone to see the labels on the inside, overall its a nice bag, i would still use it

mp 6 years ago

well congrats to all of you !!!

fake or real you all have a CHANEL right ?

6 years ago

rofl this is the fakest bag i have everrrrrrrrrrr seen. wowwwwww 40 dollars and you think you gota real chanel bag? if you cant afford the original don't embarrass yourself and buy a fake. especially such a horriblee fake

Gena 6 years ago

I think a lot of you people are really horrible. Sure not everyone can afford "luxury" goods but im pretty sure lots of people want them. stop being so slack to her, she only asked a question.

kat 6 years ago

i read somewhere that if a chanel bag has a pocket on it the lines should all match up like there wasn't a pocket there and on the left side it doesn't match up but for 40 bucks who cares i just bought a whole bunch of chanel purses online and ya they are prolly knockoffs cuz they were 20 bucks each but who cares anyone who is gonna spend 400 to 2000 on a single purse is insane

Rhonda 6 years ago

Go to and type in how can you tell if your chanel bag is real or not and it will bring it up for you and you can read and decide for yourself. Thanks

Anna 6 years ago

I have a Chanel, Coach, and D&G bag.

jenny 6 years ago

It looks so fake to me. I own two Chanel bags, but it doesn't look close to this b


Susie 6 years ago

it is 100% would not have that logo inside and it is not made in france. it should say made in italy. also missing the hologram sticker.

CFDSF 5 years ago

i think it looks real :)..... PRETTY!!!!!

guest2011 5 years ago

The people ranting and raving over this obvious fake Chanel Tote bag don't have a clue nor do they know anything about authentic Chanel handbags.

Thank god i know better and will not be out in public making a complete fool of myself.

darla3977 5 years ago

Ok first of all, all of you who keep saying that it should say "Made in Paris" are WRONG!!! Actually a sure way to know that your bag is FAKE is if it says "Made in Paris".....It should say Made in France or Made in Italy...Some fake bags that were made in Korea were know to say "made in paris".....There are some real Chanel bags that have hardware that says "Chanel Paris".....but not made in Paris! If your bag says "made in Paris" it is absolutely fake!

Andrea 5 years ago

Vintage chanel handbags made in france/italy stamp is directly across the chanel stamp. So people commenting that is should be made is are wrong. But this one looks fake. It doesn't matter if its used or old. Chanel is chanel. I would never sell mg chanel purse for $40 if I got it for $1300 sumthin.

Sandi 5 years ago

I just bought a Chanel from E-Bay - It is vintage - I have a question about the interlocking c's on the outside - they are not interlocking - It is black quilted and looks vintage - red pocket on the inside and hardware says Chanel - Tag on pocket says Chanel - Paris. And there is a CC stamp on the inside. My question is the outside C's - How do I know, because this is a vintage bag, if it is real - it certainly looks like it, but from everything I've read the C's definitely have to be interlocking. Thanks.

Amy 5 years ago

I'm not sure why everyone is flipping out over what someone bought. I was given a vintage chanel purse, that does say Made in France, and was purchased in France and brought here by the original owner. She threw the card away. To me it's ugly as sin, but if I can sell it and use it for my tuition I am grateful. Most of you are forgetting, the pink chanel bag was purchased at a second hand store. If a second hand store doesn't know it has a gem and sells it for cheap that does not mean it's a fake. I think it's a cute bag. I just feel the inside is too cutsy for chanel, but who really knows?

Shy13 5 years ago

This is what I think, if you like the bag, rock it!! I happened to have one exactly the same just different!..I knew it was a fake from the very start but I liked it anyway.

I get compliments ALL the time (lil' secret: everyone thinks is real)

Unlike some of you snoby bitches who think their shit don't stink, I can't afford a real one but I am happy with what I got :)

P.S. If you got it for $40, you shoud've known it was a fake right off the bat but hey, if you like it, rock it

Anon 5 years ago

I enjoy how people can say "It's poorly made" and blah, blah, blah. You can't even tell from the pictures how it is made. You can't see the stitching or the hardware or zippers. I work in a thrift store and we have designer bags come in all the time, real and fake. I actually bought a real Coach hand bag, wallet and clutch from my work, yes it's real because I did the research. And furthermore, when it comes into a thrift store it's not always going to have an authenticity card, dust bag and what not. If you know how to do your research, you'll find what you are looking for. There are websites to tell you what to look for in a fake bag. You can usually tell by the stitching, hardware, zippers and logos.

Stockpicker 5 years ago

Are Chanel bags ever made in Italy??

fancy 5 years ago

my chanel bag says made in france but dosent have a serial number is it real or fake

profile image

Crys3576 4 years ago

Wow. I recently purchased a "Chanel" bag from a consignment store for 65 bucks. No, I am not delusional, as soon as she told me the price I knew there is no way it could be real. There was no card or anything with it, only the Belk bag that it came with lol. When I saw it I had to have it...not because it had the Chanel logo and I wanted everyone to think I was stupid enough to pay a thousand bucks for a friggin purse, but because it was big and pink lol. I absolutely LOVE it, but that's my taste. I would never get on a blog and show my ignorance by putting down what someone else obviously likes, but hey not everyone is polite. I do not have a wonderful job that's pays big $, nor do I have a rich husband with a gold card. And even if I did and could afford to purchase an expensive bag without blinking, I certainly would not put someone down because they may not be fortunate enough to spend freely. People like you (the ones downing this poor girl) I truly feel sorry for. I would much rather have a fake bag and be happy, than be wealthy and a total snobby bitch. :D pinkWolf, if you still have this bag, carry it with a smile that you are not one of "those" people!

gigiloverealpurses 4 years ago

It's totally FAKE!! $ 40 bucks..... totally fake....

Verily 4 years ago

This is a counterfeit. The poor quality construction & cheap materials, apart from the unlikely price, is the 1st indicator. Many counterfeiters now include replica tags, numbers and authenticity cards that look convincing to fool buyers. Note: hologram number stickers & authenticity cards were only introduced in the 80s -- earlier CHANEL bags did not have them.

However, those who think any authentic product by CHANEL should state "Made in Paris" instead of "Made in France" or "Made in Italy" are seriously misinformed.

FYI, Paris is not a country and Country Of Origin labeling is exactly that, stating the name of the NATION in which it was made (as required by international Trade Laws) -- i.e. NOT to be confused with the city/address of the designer company that may be included elsewhere, e.g. "CHANEL Paris" stamped on hardware.

Therefore, anything labeled "Made in Paris" is NOT authentic. If it were, then we'd see origin labels on products like "Made in Rome (Delhi, Beijing, Sydney etc.)" or province/state names.

So if you see anything labeled "Made in Paris", think where...Texas? No, just Chinese 'Fantasy Land'!

As Mark Twain said, "It's not what you don't know that gets you into trouble, it's what you know for sure that just ain't so."


Lana M 4 years ago

This bag is soooo fake! I can't believe we even talking about it. It looks fake, and never mind the "made in France" instead of "made in Paris" . Even a child could tell that its fake!

Patricia Collica 4 years ago

how bout a possible Chanel w/the "R" and circle around it on the CC part? knock off or fake plz i gave it away! thx

MSJD 4 years ago

The surest way to authenticate your "Chanel" products is to bring it directly to a Chanel boutique. They can authenticate for you, it's free, and you won't be left with any more questions about how "expert" your "expert opinion" is.

sheila thompson 4 years ago

I have a white backpack black letters. Nothing inside of where it's made. Is it real?

anon 4 years ago

It's a knock off sweetie... Usually Chanel's logo is a bit thinner than what is on your bag. The lining usually stitched fine, not loose. If you know the smell of real leather then try to smell your bag. But just by looking at it I know that it's a knock off. You can buy used chanel bags but it would still cost you more than $100 - 200 no one is stupid enough to lessen it to $40. The good thing is it's cute just carry your bag with pride and don't worry about what other people think. ;)

Me 4 years ago

Its fake, you can tell by the lining and the hardware from a distance. Fakes are low quality, take a look at a real one and you will see.

EMILY 4 years ago

Seriously, you paid $40 and you're worrying if it's real on not? BTW the bag is really ugly too.

jess 4 years ago

Girl rock that purse with love,very cute.Screw all haters.

Kiki 4 years ago

The bag is 100%, there is no way you can buy Chanel for 40 bucks, even when it is used chanel bag should never be that cheap. Price alone can determine the authenticity of the bag. And please look att he material uses, Chanel would use these materials in anyway, Chanel does not rip people off, creating a bag of 40 dollar and then re-selling it for 1000 dollar. Please take your time to read this: and find some evidence that is not real.

Eva Knox 4 years ago

Unfortunately this purse is fake and it's a really bad one. If you want to know more about how to spot a fake Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag, visit my blog, or send me a message on Facebook, I’m Eva Knox

Noushin 4 years ago

Woman, don't ever consider purchasing of Chanel again. You have obviously no idea what that brand stand for and what they make. This bag is an example of poor and bad taste. Nothing wrong with that but stick to your taste but Chanel does not fit within that category so stop keeping people busy with this nonsense because you have NO clue what Chanel is all about and it's certainly not in sink with your taste in bags!

Allie 4 years ago

It's fake 8(

Lexis 4 years ago

It is Fake Chanel Is Made In Italy. Not France and or USA

Mon fusha 4 years ago

Totally bullshit Chanel hate to bust your bubble :)

Desi 4 years ago

Fake at 300% ! it is so obvious!

profile image

Unikshopper2 3 years ago

Even if the bag is fake, why make such rude comments. She asked a question. She did not ask your opinion on what you thought about the bag for all the comments that were rude. People are so disrespectful of themselves so therefore they are disrespectful to other people. It's funny to me that people on here that really owns a Chanel bag mock you idiots that obviously think they own one but don't and did not make a wise choice like the buyer here. Rock on. They would not have known until you brought it up. Be gone with the ignorant comments and stick to the question. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Trish 3 years ago

If there is a Chanel Store near you , go in and look at one and learn what you can about a real one. I too can not always tell, however in my searches I have learned it will Never say made in Paris, always says made in France or Italy. God Bless and Enjoy your bag.

LuvShop'n 3 years ago

Hey you know what of all the thing people said is fake is this, is that they don't know what the hell they are talking bout. the bag you got there is real belives me is a real bag is a discontinue model. That's why you don't see it anywhere trust and believed is a vintage item you should keep it...

Chanel. 3 years ago

I just found a Chanel bag at a thrift store. It doesn't strike me as real because the metal on the zippers seems a little hap for Chanel and a few other minor details. But my name is Chanel, I've got a Chanel logo tatto, a ring and an old bag a friend of my mothers gave me as a child. Throw in some hundreds of magazine clippings. I love the bag whether or not it is real because the price means nothing to me. It looks cute and as my ame on it either way.

Alison 3 years ago

Lol your all fools, who cares she likes the bag.

PENNY 3 years ago

I'm having the same problem but the only thing that caught my eye right off hand is that the stitching isn't matching up but you want the truth go to any Chanel store all bags have a name-if they don't give a name it isn't real.

idiots 2 years ago

If you see the item MADE in PARIS. it is possibility of FAKE CHANEL. Old fake CHANEL bags made in Korea often have stamp MADE in PARIS. The picture below is fake bag. BUT, CHANEL BAGS sold at CHANEL in CAMBON STREET has PARIS stamp. CAMBON limited bags are CHANEL PARIS stamp. It is COCO CHANEL model. please be careful when you see the stamp.

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mademoisellejft 2 years ago

I can't believe I read this far.I was researching my bag.Your bag is pretty. Save your money and see Paris.I would rather spend money to visit the Louvre Museum then buy a bag that will be worn out in time.I did get a real N.Gonzalez Python bag for $5.00 at yard sale.When I read how the python is killed I could not wear it.By the way R with circle means registered name.

Marley 2 years ago

Does anyone know what's this bag is called and how much is it if it's real and brand new I've been look for this bag online!! Can't seem to find it!

.... 2 years ago

I believe this handbag is fake.... but you should still use it I mean you already spend you money on it.

lindsay 2 years ago

I personalty have 12+ Chanel bags all from nyc flagship store ( i live right beside it) this one is fake LOL Chanel bags are up to 6 thousand now for an average bag... and their price do no lower ( they increase season to season). Even if you buy 2nd handed chanel bag they go anywhere from 2 k to 10k

Mabes 2 years ago

First off, don't hate! Most of you hags screaming about your Chanel bags have fakes, and you know it! You like to act like it's real, but you bought a fake, you knew it was fake when you bought it! You carry it, and nobody knows the damn difference! When I bought my bag, I took the tag with the number out! If it gets stolen, they can't resale it for more than a few dollars! Before I did that, I took pictures, and had the insurance company look at it! I have the tag, and all other tags/cards that show proof in a safety deposit box!

Those of you that say Chanel wouldn't make anything so gaudy, your full of crap! Have you seen some of the crap they put out? Some of their bags look like something a common street walker wouldn't be caught dead with! They make some of the gaudiest bags I've ever seen! Chanel has been making bags for many, many years. There are many styles they make only once! You have no idea if they made that bag or not! To the girl that bought the bag for $40.00: Good for you! For the money, you made a wonderful purchase! These awful people here are either jealous, or just live to be mean! Pay them no mind! That bag may be real, maybe not! Who cares, enjoy your bag! If someone asks, say yes it's real! It is a real bag! God bless you, I hope it is real!

Do Key profile image

Do Key 22 months ago

How to post a pic here pls ty

Emma 12 months ago

Are you out of your mind?!?!?! This is obviously a fake ugly bag why would you even pay for it

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