Plus Size Designer Clothes

No matter what your size is, clothes make a statement. Clothes that are made well, will flatter and accentuate your curves. This is what plus size designer clothing does. Women with fuller figures also want style and comfort just like anyone else. They also wants to look their best.

The problem with being a plus sized women is that a lot of the clothing that is made available to them is not fashionable. This is why designer plus size clothing is important. It gives women the ability to feel beautiful and fashionable no matter what her size.

Why Fashion Matters

Being a plus sized woman doesn't mean that style has be put on the back burner. In fact, many of the trendy styles in today's fashion industry combine both style and comfort.

Why Quality Matters

Often flattering clothing for overweight women are made with the best materials and fabrics that are designed to hide the flaws and accentuate the curves.

The difference between regular run of the mill clothing and designer plus size clothing is quality. This type of clothing is made from good quality fabrics and materials.

Generally speaking, clothing made from spandex and cotton flatter curvier figures. Jeans made with 2-5% spandex also help to accentuate the fuller figure. They also provide a great level of comfort as well.

Different Styles

Apple Body Types

A woman with a full body figure who has a tendency to have most of her weight concentrated in the upper body can accentuate her body by dressing a certain way.

A nice empire waist dress will help to move the eye away from the upper body, down towards the mid section. This gives the illusion of a smaller upper body.

Pear Shaped Body

Adding symmetry to the pear shaped body is the main objective. Since the lower body is larger in proportion to the upper body, adding a nice top that accentuates the bust and down plays the lower body is essential.

Think of combining two different colors. Dress with a brighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom. Avoid any pants or skirts that hug the body closely. Instead opt for a free flowing skirt and pants that are a bit more relaxed.

Being a plus size woman has its benefits, not only does it allow for a broader sense of style, but comfort and fashion doesn't have to be sacrificed in order for you to look your best.


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