Where to Find Plus Size Dresses Online

Finding Dresses Can Be Hard

Finding clothes in general for a plus size gal can be a huge challenge. Many stores don't carry plus size clothing. During tough times, some retailers cut plus size line offerings because making and carrying the clothing is expensive.

The limited offering available is often full of old lady clothing that not even old ladies would want to be caught wearing.

Anything over a size 12 is considered plus size. In America, more people wear size 12+ than under size 12, but the designs and resources just aren't there.

Sometimes shopping online is the only option for finding plus size dresses. And, even then finding anything that will work can be tough.

I've scoured these sites and resources to find the best of plus size dresses online.

Finding dresses to fit plus size figures can be a challenge. Image from Flickr Creative Commons.
Finding dresses to fit plus size figures can be a challenge. Image from Flickr Creative Commons. | Source

Department Store Websites

Some of the best places to find plus size dresses online is by going to the same places you'd visit in person. Often these websites have a larger selection than the brick and mortar stores so it's easier to find what you need.

The plus size departments from some of the larger retailers:

Plus Size Store Websites

A few stores have entered the clothing market focusing solely on plus size clothing. These include Torrid and Lane Bryant, and other's.

They're websites are a great place to look for plus size dresses, although both will have limited formal options. I'll look at options for formal plus size dresses a little further down in the article.

Lane Bryant is a large plus size retailer with stores across the country. They are pricey though, and their clothing is very trendy. Finding timeless pieces can be difficult, but on the other hand, finding chic in style pieces is a bonus.

Torrid is a plus size retailer that's geared to a younger market, but has some dresses. 

Ashley Stewart is another nation wide retailer, with cheaper prices.

Formal Wear

Getting married, going to the prom, or being a bridesmaid can be stressful for plus size woman. They're choices for finding dresses is limited and sometimes they can't wear the same clothing styles as they're smaller sized friends.

Online dresses and shops are available for these woman. The following sites have both formal and wedding wear options.

David's Bridal- Also a good choice for bride's maids with the mix and match so every bridesmaid can wear the same shade in different cuts that best flatter her.

IGIGI- Plus size designer with lots of formal wear options.

Sydney's Closet- An online shop catering to plus size customers. Huge inventory

Hopefully one of these options for finding plus size dresses online contains what you want, happy shopping!

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