Polo Shirts for Men

Polo Shirts for Men

For some time menswear takes inspiration from the sporting world, embracing both brands and styles of clothes. But no item of male clothing today owns so much to sport as the polo shirt, this shirt, carefully designed to be a sports outfit, trod path to be a casual dress that crosses generations. It all began with Rene Lacoste, a professional tennis champion who once thought to play tennis shirts were very uncomfortable for the sport. The idea of Lacoste was then draw himself a shirt that does not compromise his style of play.

At the time, it was common to see players wore long-sleeved shirts at games. At one time, managed to develop a Lacoste shirt, while it had short sleeves and offered comfort to the movement, also had a greater length in the back, so that could be used outside of the pants. Finally, he included his name next to the famous symbol of the alligator, which today adorns the brand's products.

When Ralph Lauren has created a series Polo Ralph Lauren, he pointed out the piece in the midst of their collection and copying the style of Lacoste, put the emblem on the left breast. This time, however, the symbol would be a polo player, and begin here forever connecting the sport with the costume. Soon, the line of polo shirts from Ralph Lauren will become a symbol of male fashion in the world.

Polo shirts were worn by polo players for similar reasons that led to its adoption by tennis players, more freedom for movement and tissues that provide more "breathing", a concept that later became essential in sports clothes.

Another sport that has a special synergy with the polo shirt is golf. Soon, the pole became the article of clothing commonly used by professional golf tournaments around the world. The reasons, again, are freedom of movement and fabric that can stand high temperatures and prolonged use. Later, many brands of golf ended up creating their own lines of poles, always inspired by the early drawings of Lacoste.

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