Precious Gems Stones / BirthStone Therapy according to Zodiac Signs

Why we choose Gemstones

Gemstone Therapy - Gems that have luster and brilliance are in fact the wonders of nature. The science of use of astrology gems and stones for medicinal and astrological purposes is known as Gem Stone Therapy . According to the astrologers, some kind of energy radiates from the gems, which worn properly in the correct proportion will be useful for us. There are two popular theories on the use of gemstones for astrological purposes, as a therapeutic measure. The first, advises the use of seven gems to capture the visible spectrum in the rays of the sun. The second theory, though of unknown origin, is today more popular. It states that gems are cosmic filters that disallow particular vibrations from causing harm. We prefer to follow the traditional prescriptions for astrological Gem Therapy. Believe it or not, the youths today are crazy about their birthstones.

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According to the Modern astrologers, there are different gems for each birth month. According to them , a gem having a good luster, pure and clean color and no flaws ensures good luck and protection. They however warns that Gem stones with flaws can bring disaster.
So also are there different gems for each of the months and stars. If we wear the incorrect one, there will be ill-effects; this explains the demand for gem specialists in every jewelry shop or Gem shopee.

List of 9 Precious Gem Stones

  1. Ruby
  2. Pearl
  3. Coral
  4. Emerald
  5. Yellow sapphire
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue sapphire
  8. Hessonite
  9. Cat's eye

9 Precious GemStones

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Navarathna Rings
Navarathna Rings
Navarathna Rings

What is Purpose Wearing GemStones?

There are gems that affect our life-longevity, marriage prospects, health and even curing of certain diseases; wearing these accordingly brings the above mentioned prospects. More over, there are gems that can even cure insomnia and tooth pain.

Gems are worn not just according to one’s birth month; for all the 12 months, there are different gems. You must have heard of Hollywood actors wearing rings of 12 different gems. This is thought to bring good luck throughout the whole year.

Diamonds are said to be the most excellent of the gems, according to ancient Indian Purana Alasya Mahaatmyam. Gems are sought after for good luck and removal of one’s planetary defects. Like Navaratnas or the 9 preciousGem stones, there are semi precious gems which bring same effects as the former.

Gemstones according to birth month (Zodiac Sign /Sun Sign)

Zodiac Sign
Garnet, Opal, c
Rock Crystal, Sapphire, Bloodstone
Bloodstone, Diamond
Sapphire, Emerald
Pearl, Agate
Emerald, Moonstone
Jasper, Jade, Sapphire
Opal, Peridot
Aquamarine, Topaz
Sapphire, Amethyst
Gemstones according to birth month (Zodiac Sign /Sun Sign)
Hub Challenge 20 out of 30 :Precious Gems Stones / BirthStone Therapy according to Zodiac Signs
Hub Challenge 20 out of 30 :Precious Gems Stones / BirthStone Therapy according to Zodiac Signs

Birth Stones and Navaratna Rings

Birth Stones

Ornaments studded with gems are in demand for all occasions, be it marriages, birthdays or anniversaries. Gem studded ornaments may be bracelets, anklets, ear-rings, necklaces and finger-rings. Bridal ornaments studded with gems are a fashion.

Navaratna Rings

The 9 planets have its own precious gems; for example: Pearl for Mars and Diamond for Venus. Wearing these 9 gems together in a particular quantity makes the special Navaratna ring. This is in huge demand.

Symbolically and astrologically, the nine gems are believed to represent the nine astrological bodies:

  1. Ruby : Sun
  2. Natural pearl : Moon
  3. Red coral : Mars
  4. Emerald : Mercury
  5. Yellow sapphire : Jupiter
  6. Diamond : Venus
  7. Blue sapphire : Saturn
  8. Hessonite : Rahu, the ascending lunar node
  9. Cat’s eye : Ketu, the descending lunar node

Astrological Gem Stone Therapy
is prescribed on two bases - one long-term and the other short-term. The gemstones used for the long-term (entire life) are known as Fortune Stones while those that are use for the shorter-term or temporary periods for providing relief during period of distress are known as Problem Area.

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advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing


Just kidding. I love Opals!

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Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen Author

It is not for kidding ,Gem Stone Therapy is based on Indian and Greek astrologers, Best astrologers in world

LensMan999 profile image

LensMan999 6 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

I have never heard of the Gomedagam gemstone before. Is this one new or known by a different name?

Varenya profile image

Varenya 6 years ago

Beautiful hub! I agree, all this knowledge is based on the Hindu and Greek astrology, and it's simply wondrous and so ancient!

6 years ago

Woohoo I get the diamond :))

I don't like bloodstone though, it's ugly xD

But at least I get the pretty diamond!

sunep 5 years ago

hi nyce to meet u all can u email me at ok i wanna know is tat i was born on january 30 1986 hmmm k someone told me tat i must wear a amethis stone so i wanna ask u is tat which stone will be ta best for me k thanks by advance

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Thanks to all for finding time to comment on my hub.

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Kristen Howe 17 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Kevin, this is a great hub. I always thought my birthstone was emeralds and now I know it's pearl and agate, which are pretty cool. Voted up!

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