Premier Designs Mens' and Ladies' Watch Review

Premier Designs Watches

Premier Designs offer men's and ladies watches, the former type displaying casual qualities akin to classic Citizen and Seiko timepieces, and women's timers exhibiting more fashion traits. Main materials remain the same used in the jewelry, though mostly without the gemstones: silver and gold plated alloys, cast in various frames (cases and bezels) and filigree patterns, usually showing clean, elegant lines.

Bracelets vie for attention in the ladies watches, sometimes emulating the case itself, as if trying to “make it” as a separate jewelry piece. This “competitive” feature results in interesting – sometimes genuinely exciting – tensions few designers are willing to reveal in their work. Such a watch might compliment the sets, precisely because of the latter's ultra-calm and balanced spirit.

The watches encase quartz movements that occasionally require a battery change.

Seiko Diamond Watch
Seiko Diamond Watch

Case, Dials

Premier employ square and round cases, occasionally deviating to slight modulations, which lead to rectangular and elliptic shapes (not a rare occurrence in fashion ladies watches). Dials are usually white, and display large Arabic numerals interspersed with matching indexes; central hours, minutes, and second hands complete the face.

The classic looking Cairo model is a characteristic piece that includes these features, projecting an unmistakable chic charm.


Bracelets play a quintessential role in the brand's ladies watches. Bangle, chain, strand, and even more elaborate types of bracelets can be encountered – they all generate movement and “activity” that clearly aims to compete with the motion of time. Here the clarity of dials plays a crucial part, enabling time reading without distraction. Still, bracelets will definitely draw more attention when time is not the issue.


Men's watches opt for classic dials designs reminiscent of Seiko, and add a model with a black face and inlayed indexes (instead of numerals). A protected crown and a solid brick bracelet accord with the cleanly organized dial – overall harmony that's characteristic of Premier jewelry as well.

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It was good that I found your hub because I am considering to buy a new watch. This is informative and useful.

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thanks, hope you find something you like!

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