Pretty Floral Print Panties For Men

Inspired by some pictures shared with me and my readers by a very generous man who wears lingerie, this article is dedicated to floral panties. Floral panties are relatively rare, the bulk of panties these days tend to be either plain colors or cute little modern patterns I just don't hold with.

It's easy to forget entirely that floral panties actually exist, until one sees a glorious pair of these panties in action.

Blue / Brown Floral Cotton Panties

These panties are actually handmade creations created by an independent panty artist, Knickerocker. A brown picot edge elastic trim graces the edges of these baby blue panties decorated with an old school floral motif which, quite frankly, reminds me of grandma's wallpaper, but in a good way.

Pink Floral Tanga Panty

Ever wonder what a tanga panry was? Well, it looks like the panties proudly displayed to the right there. These floral print panties also have a touch of retro glam about them, however the shocking pink color removes any doubt that these are products of the past. No, these are most undoubtedly the panties of the future.

Lost In Lace Floral Tanga Panties

More tanga panties! This sexy little number is produced by the eminent manfacturer of women's underwear, Wacoal. Weird name, but great lingerie. Anyways, the floral designs on these panties are entirely made of lace, indeed, all told these panties are 44% lace and 43% nylon (there's a wee bit of spandex thrown in there to make them nice and stretchy too.)

Elle Macpherson Culotte

This is the least culottey looking culotte I have ever seen, but if Elle MacPherson wanted to call it a race car, well then I'd call it a race car too. Floral designs grace the lace of the legs of these panties, and matched with a sweet pink ribbon, they're almost too good to be true. No, these aren't technically floral print panties, but they're pretty and that's really all that matters, surely.

So there you have it. There's a wide range of floral panties are out there, and you shouldn't be embarassed or afraid to wear them. They're actually quite good for a mix n match approach to lingerie, as long as you have a bra that matches any color on the panties, then you're in business.

Lace and Print Oh My! (Lavinia Lingerie)

We're almost done here, but last but not least, check out this floral lace and floral print combo, combining the best of both worlds for stunning effect. These are possibly my favorites out of the bunch. They're innovastive, original and entirely sexy, don't you think?

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Cantsay 7 years ago

Elle Macpherson lingerie is so good!

profile image

Cantsay 7 years ago

Oh and check out for Pleasure State lingerie, and Little Minx - also really nice stuff!

Cyndie 7 years ago

Saw this post this morning and inspired me to wear my floral panties to the office. Thanks for the inspiration

John 7 years ago

Ummmm...floral panties my down fall.....I have a draw full of all the kinds you can think of even some you may have not even imagined.

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janisj 7 years ago

i own several pairs of vanity fair full cut floral design panties ,wearing them right now!

silklover 7 years ago

Forget the cotton, make my print in silk or nylon panties.

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