Seductive Summer Scents | Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden’s Pretty

Seductive Summer Scents | Pretty by Elizabeth Arden


Imagine a warm balmy, sunset early evening.  You’re sat in a flower garden and suddenly the stillness and stickiness of the garden is transformed by a refreshing, scent carrying breeze.  It’s quite likely that the creators of Elizabeth Arden’s Pretty.


This is a highly floral fragrance.  It reminded us of a mixture of lilies, freesias and roses.  The exclusive ingredient responsible for this bouquet of flowers is “petalia”.  We found no other perfume containing petalia so this could be perfect for someone who likes a selection of perfumes of their dressing table and want to possess a full array.


Pretty by Elizabeth Arden is perfect for Summer, for day and evening wear but also, for those of us who like to bathe before an early night (alone or otherwise) a few dabs before bed is a real treat.  It’s like sleeping safely inside a walled flower garden on the hottest summer night – a truly wonderful experience.

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Leslie 5 years ago

What is your favorite fragrance? My favorite is the Elizabeth Arden Pretty line. It's fresh, yet not over powering. My boyfriend, Gary, absolutely loves it! I'm always willing to try new scents though. Got any ideas?

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