The cardinal rule for prints is:

Unless you are wearing a whole outfit of the same print design, then don’t ever mix two prints regardless of color, shape or size.

The trick with prints is how to wear them:

  • Wear one whole outfit of the same print:

This means that if it’s a suit for the women then wear a plain top to avoid looking busy. As for the guys, steer clear of pin striped shirts if wearing a pin striped suit, a plain shirt always does justice.

  • Mix the print whether top or skirt/trousers with a color that makes the print pop.

For instance pick the barely visible color and wear a top of the same hue. Incase of pin stripes pick a top of the same color as the stripes or pick a color that compliments the suit maybe a darker shade than the suit or lighter top for a dark suit.

  • Keep it basic

The challenge is always not to layer up with a lot of different colors. Sometimes we want to do a skirt, a top and maybe a coat to go over. With prints all this makes one look busy, but less is always more with prints. A skirt and a simple top will complete the look without the extra baggage of a coat.

  • Layering

While getting the right combination is sometimes a challenge, avoid looking like a staircase. If wearing a coat over the top and skirt ensure that the top fits perfectly and doesn’t peep below the coat unless you are wearing a cropped jacket.

So dig up those suit and start mixing and you will marvel at the variety of combinations you will come up with...


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