Professional Organic Hair Color

Organic Hair Color

Professional Organic Hair Color has advanced to the point that it currently substantially out performs  traditional chemical-based hair color and organic hair color is safer, more gentle, and healthier too.
Professional Organic Hair Color has advanced to the point that it currently substantially out performs traditional chemical-based hair color and organic hair color is safer, more gentle, and healthier too. | Source

Organic Hair Color

For years, clients have been visiting salons to have their hair permanently colored with chemical based hair color full of toxic chemicals, dangerous carcinogens, and corrosive ammonia. Women generally assumed that the only way to achieve the most beautiful, long lasting, professional result was by sacrificing their health and well being.

Today, advancements in organic technologies and advanced knowledge of organic ingredients have provided a much safer, gentler, more natural and organic alternative to these dangerous chemical treatments that have been putting women at risk of cancer, immune disorders, damage to their reproductive and endocrine systems, as well as irritation or damage to their hair, skin and eyes. Surprisingly, professional organic hair color is now consistently providing superior performance and supreme results compare to its chemical based alternatives. Quite simply, professional organic hair color provides a longer lasting, shinier, healthier, and more natural result that never fades, colors grey hair extraordinarily well, and nourished rather than damages the hair and scalp!

Many people would rather use an organic hair color than a synthetic hair dye. While synthetic dyes do give the longest lasting most vibrant color options, they also expose both you and the environment to harsh chemical, but is there an organic hair color out there that can give you the look you want?

Risk of Chemical Based Ammoniated Hair Color

Health Risks of Synthetic Dyes

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated a link between chemical based ammoniated hair color and several serious diseases and disorders. Most notable, these hair colors have been linked to many types of cancers, reproductive disorders, chronic immune deficiencies, as well as complications with hormones and the general endocrine disorders.

There has also been a substantial risk demonstrated for hair stylists. One substantial study demonstrated that women would colored their hair monthly for fifteen years or more have tripled their risk of developed some types of cancer. More significantly, the study showed that stylists and hairdressers that worked with synthetic ammoniated hair color increased their chance of developing some forms of cancer by as much as 500%.

Professional Organic Hair Color

There are several ammonia-free professional hair color products available on the market today. Many of them have replaced the ammonia with an ingredient that is even more dangerous and substantially increased the load of toxic synthetic pigments to offset for the lack of ammonia. Because permanent hair color is a chemical process, companies have struggled to produce a truly organic or natural product. Its not surprising that the world's leading professional organic hair color product is manufactured by a European company that has been creating and refining the product for over 25 years. Their hair color is sold exclusively to salon professionals only and is generally considered to be the worlds safest, most gentle, and best performing hair color worldwide. It is available in the United States and Canada but does cost a bit more than than chemical based ammoniated hair color. This is to be expected as organic raw ingredients tend to cost significantly more than the synthetic ingredients and fillers used in traditional hair color.

Organic Color Systems is known for providing healthier, shinier, more consistent, and vibrant results and has an incredible ability to cover grey hair, never fade, and preserve the hair's natural structural integrity. It is packed with 100% certified organic ingredients, contains no ammonia, resorcinol, or other nasties, and is supported by an entire system of products that nourish, preserve, and protect the hair's natural beauty and shine. This organic hair color line is packed with anti-oxidants, amino acids,and vitamins as well as penetrating condition agents which has truly revolutionized the approach to professional permanent hair color.

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Jennifer Wiley 4 years ago

Loved this article and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Organic Color Systems! It's absolutely amazing.

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