Proper Care of the Face


Wash your face at least once but preferably two or three times a day to remove the dirt which clings to the surface oil. Acne is one of the big skin problems of the teenagers. It is a common skin disease in which fat glands become infected and pimples, blackheads or small boils form. The treatment is careful attention to cleanliness. Wash face two times daily with a clean, rough washcloth. It is necessary that the washcloth is washed and aired after each use. Make a good lather with a mild soap. Let soap stay on your face for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Finish with a cold water rinse. Careful attention to diet by elimination of too much fat; sugar and rich foods should also be given. Sometimes acne may have deeper causes than not cleans­ing your face. It is closely identified with the changes of growing up - both physical changes and emotional uncertainties. Anyway, this stage will soon pass.

Don't pick at your face. Constant picking at the face will irritate the skin and. will make blemishes worse. Keep fingers, soiled handkerchiefs and dirty powder puffs away from the face to avoid infection.

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