Proper Care of the Hair

The hair is said to be one's crowning glory. It should be carefully brushed, thoroughly cleansed and attractively shaped to one's face and head.. You should strive to have a well-groomed and healthy hair. The secret is good diet, thorough brushing, and regular shampooing.

Brushing adds beauty to your hair. Practice the correct technique for brushing your hair. Brush with a long sweeping motion from the scalp to the very tip ends of your hair. Start brushing from the top and then at the back. Brush the hair up. Brush also the sides out making sure that for each stroke, the brush touches the scalp. Brush your hair at least one hundred strokes a day for a glistening, alive look in your hair. Brushing removes dirt from the hair, removes dandruff and distributes the oil in the scalp and hair evenly. It is the best way to stimulate circulation in the scalp. Use a good stiff brush in brushing your hair. Needless to say it should be your own and you should take good care of it. The brush should be cleansed as often as you wash your hair.

Shampooing also depends on the kind of hair you have. Oily hair needs more washing since dirt clings easily to oily hair. If you travel every day from a nearby town to school, chances are your hair accumulates more dust and dirt and you will probably need to wash your hair more frequently than your classmates who just walk to school or just live nearby. Shampooing is also important to boys, especially if you are engaged in sports. You will need to shampoo your hair more often since your scalp and hair become dirty too after each active game. Your shampooing schedule depends on the type of your hair, where you live and your activities.

Keeping your hair clean, well-brushed, and neatly arranged is an essential part of good grooming.

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