Short Punk Hairstyles 2015, Punk Rock Haircuts for Women

cool 2015 punk short hairstyles for women
cool 2015 punk short hairstyles for women

Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. Punk hair styles are usually for the younger crowd who are liberal and do not need the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have.Punk means defying societal conformance; the anti-thesis of fashion.

Punk hairstyles are colorful and bizarre. A Mohawk hairstyle is popular among those people who desire to look for a punk hairstyle.Punk took off as a mainstream fashion trend in the mid-70s.

Punk hairstyles initaited as a part of music trends and integrate fashions three decades back. When it comes to punk hairstyles, there is no normal look and usually the more wild the hairstyle is the better.

Punk hairstyles have been famous for more than 30 years and they are not old-fashioned now. In the 21 century the punk hairstyles were impassioned with new life when more and more business women chose to go punk.

The real motive behind punk hairstyle is to get rebellious and shocking look.Everyone believed Punk died after the 80's. Well, punk never died and is precisely here to stay.

Wanna Take a Look at these Sexy Hairstyles Too?

punk haircuts for short hair 2015
punk haircuts for short hair 2015
fanned mohawk hairstyle 2015 for girls
fanned mohawk hairstyle 2015 for girls
punk mohawk for punk girls
punk mohawk for punk girls
punk mohawk hair color trends
punk mohawk hair color trends
pink colored punk rock haircuts
pink colored punk rock haircuts
unimohawk hairstyle for punk women
unimohawk hairstyle for punk women

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fishskinfreak2008 profile image

fishskinfreak2008 8 years ago from Fremont CA

A lot of times, long hair just looks better. Maybe tjhis is my preference, but anyway, I think that many women cut their hair short for convenience instead of looks

honey profile image

honey 8 years ago Author

i too love long hair .. i 'll post long hairstyles too in upcoming hubs..

myi4u profile image

myi4u 8 years ago from United Kingdom

Do you have any recommendation on the types of hair styling gel or wax or mousse which are non-sticky or non-oily? Or there are none?

Even though there are quite a lot of brands which advertise as non-greasy, but I find that at the end of the day, the result is still the same except they are not that greasy compare to other products that do not indicate non-greasy.

Looking at the pictures that you published, their hairstyle will make their face oily, won't it?

honey profile image

honey 8 years ago Author

i think girls going for this type of hair cut 'll be careful abt their makeup too.. so they should n't feel oily..

C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

The great thing about hair is that you can do all kinds of stuff to it. It will (or should) grow back if you peel it to the bone so I say GO FOR IT. It is a fun way to express yourself and you can almost always go back to what is natural. Make up is the same deal. Have fun with it. My Mother owned and operated a beauty shop when we were growing up. I think I have seen it all. Hair is fun. Thanks Honey.

honey profile image

honey 8 years ago Author

thanx 4 the comments alexis

Saurabh Gokhale 8 years ago

Nice hairstyles!

Mrs. Swan 8 years ago

Use BedHead for styling gel.You can get a big bottle at Target or any beauty salons.

charlotte 8 years ago

i really want hair cut short like some of these but will i look stupid im 16 and i will be back at school in september what if i do look stupid it will not grow back quick enough !! and i dont know what to do ... im ginger and i will have it highlighted ... also im a bit chunky ... someone email me thanks :) XX

Farah 8 years ago

charlotte, if ur chubby stay with long hair, its prettier

Alice  8 years ago

I'm 13 and i really want this style of hair, i would like it to be spiked at the back and kinda 'fringed' at the front with layers, but i need some pics of this sort of style but i cant find the right one someone plz help!!!

lisa 8 years ago

hi iv just turnd 14 and my hair is reall short i have had my hair like alice described but it woz no where near convenient as fishskinfreak2008 said- think about it. my hair needs trimming almost every fortnyt and you need to have really decent hair products to get it to stay. at the moment i have hair like the second 1 up on these pics but am getting bored of it as its bin like this 4 a while. also charlotte im chunky too and long hair makes no difference 4 me i lookd worse it depends how BIG you make it. lol well hopefully my input has helpd if not ah well!

Becca 8 years ago

Long & Short hair is cute.

It depends on what kind of face you have.

Becca 8 years ago

Also if depends on what hair texture your hair is.

1234 8 years ago

long hair neva gets complimented so y do you should do something unusual and fun cuz it will all grow back

Sydney 8 years ago

Wendy O Williams - that's the last look...

I think it's flattering. but not really her or anyone elses' style.

Respect those who've come before or be doomed to revisit the education.


sure.would 8 years ago

in my opinion, short hair looks better on "chubby" girls because you can get a ton of volume that evens out the "chubbiness" of your face,

long hair usually falls flat and doesn't hold enough volume to even out the face, short hair looks better on me and i have a very round face, i'm not chubby, just normal.

i just think short hair looks better on the "bigger" types of girls. =]

steffi 8 years ago

lol yesh im cuddly and im gerrin my hair shorter like i used to so hope it does look betta on the rounder types of girls

Stress Hair 8 years ago

I try to keep my hair long, but when I get stressed I lose 1/2 of my hair's thickness in a matter of a month, sometimes more. It frustrates me so bad that I cut it all off, and rock the short hair for a few months until it grows out longer and thicker than it was when I cut it. It's an easy way for me to feel better about myself when I'm going through bad times and it helps me forget about my hair loss problem.

Short Hair Lover 8 years ago

Honestly I cut my hair off 4 years ago when it was breaking off very badly to help it grow. I kept it short for almost two years because I fell in love with the girl it made me. We rely so much on our hair to feel pretty cause guys always say they want a girl with long hair. WAKE UP BOYS! A girl with healthy short hair is better than a girl with butt long stringy hair. With short hair you have to let your personality show which makes you more attractive because you have more confidence. Don't let someone else decide what you want. Especially not a bunch of people you don't know.

Ami 8 years ago

I like the last one the best but my mom would kill be if i got it, but I like the second one also and I'm looking into getting something like that.

abby 8 years ago

Does anyone have any shots of different views of the last photo. I would love to get it done but I need to see it from another angle. If anyone knows let me know at Put it the box angle hair style. Thanks!

~SmittenKitten~ profile image

~SmittenKitten~ 8 years ago

I HATE IT when people say that women cut theyre hair short because theyre lazy, and it's "easier" if you look at any of these hair styles, they are Soo not that easy to style or maintain it's work. Women don't cut theyre hair short because it's easy they do it because it looks good. Because subconsciously at least 90% of all the freaken country is extreamly atracted to Androgony! it's just that many don't realise it consiously. But It is very sexy. And women with short edgy punk rock type of hair styles definatly represent that. HELL M/FN YEAH! Rock on ladies

~SmittenKitten~ profile image

~SmittenKitten~ 8 years ago

On another note, I have this very specific haircut that I am wanting to get, and I can NOT for the life of me figure out what it is called or how to describe it to my stylist. The only pic I can find that matches it, is my yahoo Avatar I know thats kind of lame huh? so can anyone take a look for me? Any input is welcome Thanks get back at me SomthingWicckid @ yahoo

Manda 8 years ago

I think that cut is calleda pixie cut Smitten...but i'm not sure.

Listen.up  8 years ago

okay, well personally i <3 short hair. Guys who say girls cut their hair because its 'easy' are total fags that have no clue about anything. not to mention names, fishskinfreak, but i'd guess only about 20% of short cuts are for the ease of maintaining them. I've had long hair, and I can TELL you that short hair is 10x harder to look good than long cuts.

Ashes 8 years ago

I just had my hair cut short...well they took off 8 inches and it is now at shoulder yeah thats short for me. It looks like the Nicole Ritchie style, just a little longer, under the med. shorter length hairstyles. Anywoo...I just want to comment and say that in NO way is shorter hair easier to maintain than long hair!! You have to get your hair cut and styled much more often to maintain the look. It takes me longer now to straighten my short hair in the morning than it did for my long hair. Its definitely not a convenience, some women just like to switch it up from long hair..

sillybanana 8 years ago

ok... so.. i have medium lenght hair, and i've had it for years, and i'm getting really super tired of it. i want to cut it short, but im in the middle of school and i don't want to spend tons of time on my hair every morning, plus i don't know if it would look good or not. im not tubby. im really athletic, so it's got to be convenient for sports. i have NO clue what to do.

surfergirl109  8 years ago

sum of these pics rnt reallly punk i mean my hair its emo punk geeze get in da groove

neysha  8 years ago

i got my haircut... someting between the last two .. i love it.. everyone love it.. you just cant think about it that much just do it.. it grows back.. edgy looks.. are awesome... stand out :D

Lora 8 years ago

just do it....who cares if a man thinks that longer hair is prettier. do it for you. i usually cut it and grow it and cut it again. i am also a little more curvy than some woman and even larger woman can have short hair. remember...make yourself happy cause the only one you deal with when you close your eyes at night is you. my husband does prefer longer hair, but he likes my short hair too. he is happy when i am happy, and if short hair makes me happy..then he is all for it.

Jackie 7 years ago

I am 16 and I have had my hair short for the longest time. I want to grow it out, but I can't stay away from the shortness but I usually cut it because I like it and I also can't stand my hair being the same style since I suck at styling. I really want a punk hair style that's short but not too short! My gf won't let me cut it too short. *Yes I am a girl and I have a gf, get used to it or keep it to yourself.* I want something I can do crazy hair styles with and put tons of random colors in it that will still make it look awesome. Any suggestions?

nadia towery 7 years ago

i LOVE the haircuts. i'm looking for a new look for me.

rainbow_dawn1990 7 years ago

WOW!I think these hair styles are amazing and there a great work of art!

eggzy 7 years ago

A note about the girl told to stay with long hair if she's chubby...

A lot of the times, shorter hair looks very nice of people with a bit more "softness" than others. People always say that long hair will keep you looking leaner, etc etc, but that's not true. Short hair, as long as it flatters your face shape, can look very nice on anyone.

RachelPlatt 7 years ago

I love these hari styles.

oatcakes 7 years ago

Im 15 and i've always had long hair , not super long but reasonably,but now im getting board and love this style

the problem is that i have a round face, and my hair is straight and has limited volume and don't know what to go for. i also don't spend anytime on my hair at the moment apart from brushing it in the morning and people keep saying that short hair needs so much attention. i wouldn't go as extream as the mohawk but i love the last pic

i would do it during the hols but as im still at skl i don't want 2 look like a complet idiot, we r also not allowed unatural colour at skl so not to extream

what would u susget

i also quite like this haircut so it doesn't have 2 b short just fun

Anya 7 years ago

Hey... I would love it if someone could help me make this decision...

I am 24, mixed race, look super young with a pixie-like face and I am dying to get a mohawk. The problem is, I am really nervous about feeling butch and there's no turning back/. Have any women done this already and have pointers? Deal-breakers? Is it better to shave the sides or leave half an inch? I have naturally curly hair so I would straighten the middle and gel or spray it up...


Oh yeah, and my boyfriend HATES short hair so there's yet another deterrent!

Anya 7 years ago

SHORT HAIR LOVER thank you you made my decision so much easier!

Annie 7 years ago

these are so cool!!

smily 7 years ago

ok well i have round face with wide jaw line and cheek bones i have smaller head however but perfectly round i have short hair kinda rockish wit layers it looks good bcz it comes out on my face all the ends of my hair but i wanna now completely shave one side and one side layerd kinda like the last foto but shorter help im not sure bout it i dont wanna look just weird??

sophia 7 years ago

i want a punk hairstyle where the layers are realy short at the top and the hair gets thinner as it gets down but my hair is so hard to look after and im not sure if itll work with my hair??

Charlie x 7 years ago

I have really thin shoulder length hair atm and I was told tht short hair is better for tin hair because it dosn't add so much weight so it has more volume. I really like short hair styles but I'm still at school so I need something not to time consuming, I have bout 15 mins for hair each morning so something failrly easy and I hardly ever have money so I guess I can't really spend loads on expencive products, any ideas what I can do with it.

I'm not skinny but not chubby, kinda just normal with a sorth oval shaped face I think so yeh I dunno wht to get cut but I love the punk style so somin a long those lines.

emma 7 years ago

Hey I'm 15 and have quite long layered hair with a side fringe but I'm thinking of cutting it short. I do horse riding and quad biking so long hair is a real pain with the helmets! I love so many short hair styles I can't choose!! The hair in the last pic is wicked, I love it but I'm not a confident person so I don't think I could pull it off!

bullet 7 years ago

short punk hair styles with a boyish look its the best hair cut im a boy and have this hair its so cool and all the girls love me kiss yuu and make this hair cause its so cool

jeannette 7 years ago

hey these are all nice! i think that if a person TRULY likes something, to go for it, risks are risks, and its all about how YOU feel. if you feel confident, people will see you as confident.

Shanine 7 years ago

Love the pics and page..there all nice..:)

Im a redhead and i love these hairstyles but i would love to have my hair like this..its just the same length, long and straight..i need a changr have you got any ideas?

Shannzie 7 years ago

Hey I'm 15 and I love hockey I've always looked good with medium length hair but i want to be able to cut it so its just above my shoulder then its hidden and guys dont see a long pony tail coming out of my helmet. I have goldish blonde hair and I don;t wanna have to die it all, how do I still make it look punky without it being to short?

parallelpsychosis 7 years ago

hey these are pretty cool :) i experiment with my black hair all the time...this time i clipped off one whole side of my head...shortened the back to hardly my nape and retained bangs on the other side.i freaked out when i took out a lot from the first side :P but i dunno what i should do now...should i wait for it all to grow out?

Kaiia 7 years ago

Hmm... How would you do this hair: ? I like it and I cut them like they should be but I don't know how to put them up... :/

alex 7 years ago

"chunky" "chubby" "cuddly" "big"....

why can't we just say fat?

short-haired pretty girl 7 years ago

2 of the most beautiful women of all time, marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn, had short hair. femininity isn't about hair length, and neither is beauty/prettiness. beauty is about confidence, style, and uniqueness. don't be afraid to go for something different just because some guys have been conditioned to think long hair is "prettier"! i've had short hair for years and i've rarely had a problem with boys (or girls!) thinking i'm attractive. whenever i've tried to grow it out is when i start looking/feeling not myself, and less pretty.

Poxie_Pixie 7 years ago

I recommend for anyone after decent hair gel/spray to get Schwarzkopf got2b glued freeze spray and spiking glue, the spiking glue is water resistant, it gives amazing hold and you can get it in boots and other decent chemists. Not too expensive =D

Sarah 7 years ago

yo the girl with the anarcy mohawk totally rocks. She has a lot of guts for doing a style like that and i give her props because it's so totaly rebelious..I LOVE IT!!!

gressa 7 years ago

very cool hairstyles

Selena marie heath 7 years ago

woooaaah woooooow

Jes 7 years ago

Jessica Alba sux

kylie 7 years ago

i like da pink

Divided. Hurt 7 years ago

im a Hard core rocker, but i cant find a hair style to work with, my hair is 1.5 - 2 inch long and reallly hard to work with, im 15 and have a muscular body shape? anyone have any help???

Nadia Elizabeth Towery 7 years ago

I love the punk hair styles they would fit me nicely

D.P. 6 years ago

Yeah I had my hair long for practically my whole life and I just got it cut to right below my ears recently. It takes waaaay longer to do my hair now than when it was long. Before I would just straighten and brush it, but now I have to straighten, gel and style it. For me personally, short hair is much harder (or at least more time-consuming) to take care of than long hair.

Erica 6 years ago

I recently chopped off my mid-back length hair and donated it and I now have a style similar to Pink's latest. I thought I would get mixed reviews about it, but everyone seems to love it. I get compliments everywhere I go (from men and women) about the style and color. It's all about how you carry yourself. Regardless of how long or short your hair is, if you just rock it with confidence, it'll look great!

Erica..again. 6 years ago

And Shannzie, simply adding choppy layers to a cut and using wax to make them piecey automatically makes a cut a little edgier... Shags look edgy too (see Taylor Momsen. Also, don't be afraid to play with color! Putting a streak of unexpected color like red or black in your bangs will add a little interest without being too extreme

jayne 6 years ago

my hair was a spikey pixie cut that i didnt get trimmed. then just 3 weeks ago i went and my stylist ask if i wanted to change my look. my hai is like the six picture, but no sideburns they were shaved off and a bit shorter then the picture. when i wash my hair look like a boy, but i style it like that or show one side and let the hair on top lay over the other

elle 6 years ago

i want to get something similar to the last picture but my boyfriend does not agree to it. i think it is because it will take away from my femininity. so for now i will grow it out until i chop it off to something similar. haha.

Michael 6 years ago

Being honest you should never let what others will think of you influence your decision, same as all you girls saying your bf (or gf) will be bothered by it, if they are worth it theyd stick around. And besides that girls with punk/short hair are extremely hot anyway :)

cookiemonster 6 years ago

need more hair cuuts

Angelllite 6 years ago

At last, something different!

sandy 6 years ago

I dont like it as much oo sorry

Adrian 6 years ago

I'm 17 and I've had short hair since I was 12. It doesn't matter the size, the hair color, the texture, Chubby or not when your hair looks awesome you know your hot. Girls are beautiful no matter what hair style they have. I will admit I'm a bit partial to girls with short spiked hair though! I once spiked mine and I used some Herbal Essence stuff(smelled amazing!). Not sure if they sell it anymore it's been a few years.

lover kool 6 years ago

hi i cant find the right short hair and im 11 what style do i need

Darcy 6 years ago

Im 13 too nd iReally want a new punk style, but the problem is that my hair is like... SUPER curly and iLook like frikin goldy locks when iWear it down! Still iWanna change it up! Its liqht brown and black with coils/curls and shoulder length! HELP!!

Vanessa 5 years ago

I have had short hair on and off for the last 7 years. I've tried every style (long and short) and I truly believe EVERY woman and girl can look AMAZING with short hair, as long as it is the proper cut for your face and personality. The key is personality, because as long as you have a good hair cut and a good personality you can make every guy's head turn. I've heard from all my male friends that they like long hair better, but each time I cut my hair, without fail they are the first to tell me how much they like the new style. Yes it is harder to maintain than longer hair, straitening, curling, spiking, messing it up, learning about different hair products you'd never have the opportunity to use with long hair, not being able to wake up and throw it in a ponytail and run out the door. 90% of the time when I had long hair I threw it up into a pony tail and that was it, there was no fun in it. Short hair is not for everyone, don't get me wrong, it is after all all about personal preference! Girls, don't ever let a guy tell you not to cut your hair because he likes long hair, don't ever let anyone tell you you're too "curvy or chubby" to have short hair go with your face. Try as many different cuts and styles as you can, if you don't like it, guess what, its hair, it grows back!!! But never forget, a short hair cut will make heads turn to look at you, but your personality that goes with it will make the people stay around you!

redroseknight 5 years ago

I'm going to be getting my hair cut tomorrow, and I'm still unable to decide whether I want to have short spikes, longer spikes in a forward fashion, or close cropped in the back with the rest of the hair combed forward with it resting over one of my eyes. Any suggestions? I have rather androgenous features and a short but muscular build. I am going to get purple streaks again as well.

Nawar 5 years ago


cool but unusual here

chloe 5 years ago

i wot to have a grat hare sayeland my cusing aride got taer harects taer nemeis claire and paige

electricityandmeth 5 years ago

I think short hair is convenient, plus I LOVE having short hair. It's so much easier, nicer, less annoying, use less shampoo, and can rock it like the JETT. xD Oh man, get short hair, you will love it... besides, who the hell cares what you look like! F YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

mastersyko77 5 years ago

im 21 and ive always had short hair for as long as i can remember and ive always loved it. its about time a get it cut again but my mom wants me to grow it long. whenever i come back from the salon with short hair she always gives me dirty looks or complains how i look like a boy with short hair and it really hurts my feelings. i know i shouldnt let it get to me but its hard. at work too customers who see me from behind even though im wearing earrings with a slim shirt and short shorts with tights and boots will call me sir. it makes me feel really bad and i dont know if i should let it grow. could anyone give me some advice?

JKLH 4 years ago

Truthfully, as much as I like some of these styles, some seem a little overboard. I mean, the mohawk? Really? I honestly think that as long as you aren't going overboard, You should be fine. As long as you love it.

Draketeeth 4 years ago

"fishskinfreak2008 4 years ago from Fremont CA

A lot of times, long hair just looks better. Maybe this is my preference, but anyway, I think that many women cut their hair short for convenience instead of looks."

Some of it is preference on your part, but as a later poster was saying, short hair requires a flattering style for the facial structure which makes a big difference too. I have a fact that is somewhat round in shape and I know with pixie cuts I look like a man because the short style doesn't frame my face properly.

Long hair takes time to brush, short hair does not. But long hair has the easy pony-tail-to-get-it-out-of-the-way and short hair you have brush-it-and-leave-it-and-hope-it-doesn't-sit-strange-all-day. Any hair style has its shortcuts.

Part of it is also hair type. I cannot grow my hair past my shoulders. It just won't hold up once it gets to that length. So I cut it short because that's what makes my hair look the healthiest and fullest.

A mohawk is a little wild. More so when all the colors get worked in and some of the folks who have them just look grungy. My cousin is blond, keeps himself well groomed, and has a mohawk and he just looks cute in it.

carrie 4 years ago

i would love to see ethier black and red hair or black and white or mabey red,black,white hair or pink,blue,purple or blond,brown or blond,black whith a hint of brown people say that if u wear your hair like that your a freak but heres a fact who the hell cares what u think its my hair and i can do what ever the hell i want with it. -carrie

chit moe aung 3 years ago


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