Purchase 5 Stone Color Changing Reflections Ring - Stone that Changes Colors in Natural Light

5 Stone Color Changing Ring


Reflections of Glamour 5 Stone Color Changing Ring

The color changing ring is one of the most interesting rings for women to wear. The stones sparkle in the light and change colors depending on what type of light you are in.

As far as purchasing jewelry online one can not always be sure of the quality and the assurance that the item will look as good as the photo once it is received.

After purchasing this ring I discovered it was of good quality and changed colors just as the description said it would. The ring which is 24K gold-plated sterling silver, has dazzling CZ accents and 5 oval cubic zirconia stones that change from a golden cognac color to rosy pink in different light. The minute you open the gift box it come in you will notice the sparkle and brilliant color of the stones.

The ring set is a Hollywood style setting is truly unique and stunning! In natural daylight the stones are a deep golden cognac color. Once you come indoors the stones gradually change color to a rich rosy pink under any incandescent light. This ring adds a red-carpet elegance to any look and can be worn with several outfits from daytime to evening wear.

Wear the ring often to make a fashion statement! Indoors or out the ring will dazzle you each time you wear it. The color changing ring will arrive upon ordering in a jewelry gift box which is perfect for gift giving.

The Ring is available in sizes 5-12 Including half sizes.

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