jeepers i can't believe my peepers! those are some swell creepers!

these are my Demonia creepers with cute pink stars!!!
these are my Demonia creepers with cute pink stars!!!

According to couture legend, creepers a.k.a. brothel creepers, were a style mutation of the crepe-soled shoes that the typical British soldier had worn in North Africa during World War II and subsequently continued to wear off duty, most notably while visiting the nearest house of ill repute. In 1949, famous British shoemaker, George Cox Footwear, was the first company to manufacture the precursor of the modern triple crepe-soled creepers under the name "Hamilton" (after George Cox, Jr.'s middle name) we see on punks and psychobilly kids today. Creepers were an integral part of Teddy Boy fashion in the 1950’s (for more on Teddy Boys, see Nick B's hub.) Fashion deity Vivienne Westwood and former Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren, revived the popularity of creepers in the 1970’s by selling them at their Kings Road clothing shop, “Let It Rock.” Popular makers of creepers include T.U.K. and Demonia. For an interesting look at what creepers mean to Deborah Levy, see her article in the London Independent. I have the Demonia creepers pictured above right. I love them because they give me added height without having to wear high heels and the pink stars add a hint of femininity to an originally masculine, war-derived shoe.


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