Shiny Summer Hair in a Flash!

Shampoo and Condition

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How To Achieve Beautiful Hair

This guide offers a quick method of washing and conditioning your mane to get super, shiny hair for Summer. Effective results in half the time, with added bounce.

This hub is aimed at people who lead busy lives and, although desiring fresh, healthy hair, they don't have the time for complicated hair grooming. These basic steps will enable you to shampoo and condition your hair preparing it for drying in only 5 minutes.

Tools needed for beautiful hair - 5 minute method

A good quality shampoo preferably with Argan Oil for extra shine

Conditioner (preferably matching the shampoo),this should be for your specific hair type (dry, greasy etc)

Jug with Warm Water and 1 dessertspoon of Vinegar (if hair is oily replace vinegar with lemon juice; to lighten and condition blonde or fair hair replace with a camomile tea bag - steeping for 3 - 5 mins and removing the teabag before use)

Wide Toothed Comb



Simple steps to beautiful hair

1) Mix together one tablespoon of shampoo and one teaspoon of conditioner (if your hair is dry you could add another half teaspoon of conditioner). You can adjust these amounts to suit hair type i.e. less conditioner if you have greasy hair.

2) Shampoo hair with mixture, working into a lather, and work well into the roots of hair

3) Rinse with plenty of warm water

4) Pour vinegar mixture over hair, massage through, squeeze excess from hair and comb through

5) Towel dry lightly

6) Style as usual

At this stage, you can add any styling products you normally use, or leave your hair to dry naturally. The vinegar rinse will prevent any tangles and promote added shine to your hair style. It's also a good idea to use a wide toothed comb when combing wet hair, this will reduce breakage to fragile hair and prevent dreaded split ends. Hair responds well to gentle treatment, and this will prevent unnecessary damage and hair loss.

Have glorious, bouncy hair this Summer!

Shiney, healthy hair and scalp

This quick and easy method of hair grooming, will enable you to keep your hair and scalp in tip-top condition with less time and effort. You will find when the hair is dry you can't smell the vinegar, but you will see the shine and condition it brings to the hair. It also helps keep oil and grease at bay for a little longer. Use as often as needed. The 5 minute hair grooming method is particularly useful when time is tight.

For those of you who find this method suits your hair perfectly then adopting it as your usual hair-care routine will provide long term benefits. The vinegar rinse should be done no more than once a week. Every second or third day is recommended for the rest of the hair grooming method, or whenever you would usually wash your hair.

Blondes may want to infuse a chamomile teabag in a half pint of warm water and use this in place of the vinegar, as a final rinse to bring out the natural highlights in fair hair.

You can also do the mix (minus the vinegar rinse) to remove chlorine from the hair after swimming.

* The amount of shampoo and conditioner can be adjusted to suit your own personal taste, but use enough shampoo to get a good lather, and mix well with conditioner before applying.

If you're interested in quick and easy time-saving methods for looking good that give great results, then see my How to: Skincare hub

Try this no nonsense method and let me know what you think and what you're doing with all that extra time!

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beautiful shiny hair
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The Best in Hair Care

If you're hair is dry, brittle and thinning, you may benefit from products that are sulfate free and natural. Look for products that strengthen the hair shaft and promote hair growth. These products can be used less as our hair growth recovers, but may be used a couple of times a year to maintain results.

Please feel free to leave your comments below, or pop in to say hello. I'm here to help with any queries.


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