Quinceaneras Dresses - complete guide

The dress is the most important accessory of the Quinceañera festival. Wearing the perfect dress will make the young quinceanera feel like the princess she is. We all know how quinceaneras dresses are not cheap but if you’re going to save money, then it’s best to do it in another place. If the dress is perfect, then so will the “quince” be perfect. Nothing makes a young girl feel more like a princess than wearing a dress she loves, that reflects her personality and connects her womanhood to those special people in her life. It’s a symbol of her blossoming into the beautiful flower that she is becoming and that is what the quinceanera is all about.

This page will help you find that special flower among the many beautiful dresses out there. There are many things you should watch out for and keep in mind when choosing a dress especially for this once in a lifetime event. But most of all, you should enjoy it. It is perhaps the most fun part of the preparation of the Quinceañera. You only have one 15th birthday so you may as well enjoy your “little wedding”.

Released under the GNU General Public License. Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fiesta_de_los_Quince_en_Nicaragua.jpg
Released under the GNU General Public License. Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fiesta_de_los_Quince_en_Nicaragua.jpg

Dress Prices

Before giving you numbers I have an important tip for you:

First choose the best and most beautiful selection of dresses and only after that, look at the prices. I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about the price (wouldn’t that be nice). But if you start with money and price tags in mind, then that might color your choice. Always think about what you want first, and then start looking for the lowest prices of it. We all have to watch our expenses but it’s important to know WHEN to think about them. Besides, you can never know for sure if you won’t find a special offer or some other way of lowering the price of that dream dress.

Remember that, in addition to the dress price you may have costs like alterations, shipping and accessories (often the petticoat needs to be bought separately as well).

Looking at a number of different online shops that sell quinceaneras dresses, you’ll notice a typical price range between $200 and $500. If you find one on sale it can go down to about $100 but you can also find very elaborate dresses for over $700. Then, just as with wedding dresses, some shops make custom dresses to suit your wishes exactly. The cost of this isn’t necessarily greater than buying a dress from their stock so it’s worth asking various stores about custom dresses.

As much as the prices vary from one dress to another, so does the quality. Don’t expect to find the dress of your dreams for $99. Even if it looks great in the catalogue or on the website, chances are the fabrics are not as good and they’re probably not even hand made. On the other hand, just because a dress is expensive and the website looks really classy doesn’t guarantee a high quality by itself. Generally, though, the price is more or less proportional to the quality of the dress. Meaning: The better the dress, the higher the price.

Dress Styles

The Quinceanera Festival is also sometimes called the “little wedding”. And the style of dress is reflective of this. Though not necessarily white like a bridal gown, the quinceaneras dress is usually a full ball gown that, if it is white, could easily be mistaken for a bridal gown.

In modern times, there are more people who keep the dress more simple. They go for something shorter and less full but I often wonder what’s the point. A girl doesn’t get many opportunities in her life to look and feel like a princess. The quinceanera is one of those occasions and it would be a great shame to spoil that by wearing a bridesmaid style dress or just looking like she could be one of the guests. So I definitely recommend going for the princess style ball gown, the one that comes straight from your dreams or fairy tales.

The Colors

Unlike your wedding, here you can really choose from many different colors. Of course, having a black quinceanera dress really would be pushing it into the dark zone. But most light or pastel colors are a great choice. You can, and many people do, go for a white dress but remember that you’ll not have the same choice of colors at your wedding and then you might wish you had had a different color for your quinceanera. But if you have your heart set on white then perhaps consider an off white like ivory or cream white. Peach is another beautiful color.

You should also chose the color according to your skin tone. For example, if you have light skin, then it is often better to go for a dress with more color rather than a plain white or a shade of gray as that could make you look more pale. But I would not rely on a list of color rules you find on the internet because everyone is slightly different. The best thing is to go to a boutique and compare the different colors against your skin tone and get other opinions too.

There are so many beautiful quinceaneras dresses to choose from. It might be a difficult choice but it's a really fun choice too so good luck and enjoy.

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Rikkie Lee profile image

Rikkie Lee 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... I'd so love a pretty gown like that BUT doubt that I ever will. I'm older, a guy, lacking sufficient closet space, and my wife would think I've gone off the deep end ... but it's so wonderful to dream! Of being young again, a girl, and lavish sweetness

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 6 years ago Author

So your wife doesn't know about your crossdressing Rikkie?

Rikkie Lee profile image

Rikkie Lee 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Lucy, my wife knows very well about my feminine side and love for pretty things. I told her years ago on one of our earliest dates (the 3rd I think) ... but she thinks that I spend far too much money on things that I'm likely never to wear. And it's very true because I have a 'fetish' for all things feminine ... even those pretty satin hangers! Things like them (and others) make me weak in the knees.

There is a rule in our house about my dressing ... don't do anything that you will regret later ... dress appropriately for the occasion. But to her mind seeing as I'm her husband and she married a man ... it's inappropriate to appear in a drerss in public, unless I'm performing in drag.

What I do when she's not around is OK with her. But why would I spend so much money on a dress like the Quinceanera just for myself? It's hard to justify!

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 6 years ago Author

Yes that's similar to my bf. Although I would never mind him dressing up in public, I also don't want him to get into trouble because of it or suffer professionally. It could also reflect badly on me depending on who we meet. Though his fashion sense for 'normal' menswear is seriously bad so ironically what I forbid him to wear is always male clothing.

As for spending money is concerned, that depends on what matters to you. I've spent a fortune on shoes that I don't really need. If it makes you so happy then go for it (assuming you can afford it). Hell, I know some people who spend thousands every year on cigarettes. THAT is a waste of money (and health incidentally).

profile image

fillettefils 5 years ago

Guilty as charged! I have a three car garage at one of my houses filled to the rafters with custom made dresses, outfits, vintage lingerie, etc., and I never wear them because it's only me. But they do make me happy! :-D

jessica 5 years ago

I think white with a different color like light pink go really nice with each other. Don't you think?

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 5 years ago Author

Yes, absolutely. Depending on the color of course but white goes with so many colors you have many options there.

joann 4 years ago

I like white but more hot pink and royal blue dresses

Me 4 years ago

I want to have a hot pink and black drees for my quinceñera but everybody says that I shouldn't have a black dress on my quinceñera...hot pink and black are my favorite colors and I want my quinceñera to represent me but I don't know if I should listen to other people and have a different color (maybe red or darkish blue) or have a hot pink and black dress??? Please help me!!!

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 4 years ago Author

I think the problem people have with black is they traditionally associate it with funerals whilst Wedding/quinceñera dresses are "supposed" to be white or light.

I think you should wear what you like best. You only have one quinceñera and you may as well make your own choice. If you want to compromise, then make it more pink than black (if you can make that work). Then you can say you're basically wearing a pink dress.

Elizabeth 4 years ago

What do u think about using a quinceañera dress as a wedding dress??? Of course ivory or white...im just so in love with a quinceañera dress lol..think anyone wud notice????

Elizabeth 4 years ago

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 4 years ago Author

Well the quinceañera has much in common with a wedding and these days there are so many "appropriate" styles for bridal gowns that I can hardly imagine anyone thinking there's something wrong - unless you're wearing the same dress for your wedding that you wore for your quinceañera. That would really be strange for so many reasons.

Lucy83 profile image

Lucy83 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the link. Ivori is definitely the best choice I think. And then I'm sure you won't have anyone questioning its "bridalness" either.

angel 23 months ago

A quinceañera is a Latin tradition in which a girl celebrates her coming of age on her 15th birthday . As the Hispanic population exploded in America, so did the quince, and a sacred ritual transformed into a major production. Dresses typically cost between $500 and $900, but the whole affair can run between $15,000 and $18,000, according to Cindy Benavides, producer of the annual Quince Girl Expo at Fair Park.


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