Radley London New Range - Shoes, Sandals & Flip Flops

Radley have recently introduced a wonderful new range to the market, consisting of Shoes, Sandals and Flip flops ready for the summer! The shoes keep the same style of bags in the way that they are completely unique and very stylish. They are expected to become extremely popular and when you look at the pictures you can really see why! It is apparent that when Radley decide to do something - they do it properly. Setting trends in the handbag world as been their profession, offering relatively cheap bags of extremely high quality. It now appears that they are going to set the trend in the summer shoe market also, and you can bet your bottom dollar, it will not be too long before the competition follow suite!

Radley Faversham Range

The review - 10/10! **********

With unusual and totally unique colour scheming the Radley Faversham range is set to be a huge seller and expected to be on view throughout sea side resorts throughout the world!This is a holiday must have, and will match with a huge variety of bikini's. These are real funky and stylish - Radley have set the trend once again!

Radley Winchelsea Range

The review 10/10! **********

Another wonderfully unique sandal shoe. Using great colours and style to produce you with a summer shoe with backs to support the ankle and heel. Another shoe that Radley have set a new trend with for this summer!

Radley Kendal Range

The review 10/10! **********

Summer evening type shoe, with bulky heel, platform and leather strap. The bulky heel makes sure that comfort is not comprimised with this wonder shoe. This shoe is available in navy and in torquoise. Like nothing else on the market, this comfortable looking, stylish and funky shoe is a mus have for summer 2010! Truly stunning.

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