Rain Ponchos and Boots for Kids

 April Showers bring .. Mud Puddles.. And My son just cannot resist them!  There has never been a mud puddle that he could not conquer.   As much as I try to tell him to stay out he always manages to sneak in a little mud puddle-lin  unexpectedly.   I just have to turn my back and I will hear splash, hehehehehehe.  I have just learned to accept mud puddles and little boys go together.  If you have a little one then you know how important it is to dress appropriately for the rainy season.  Here are some outfits that will keep your little one stylish yet dry!

 What child doesn't want to be a frog in the rain?  This adorable rainjacket  has frog eyes on the hood  and a little frog peaking out of a pocket. The raincoat has a waterproof shell and has a fabric lining.  Make your little one smile by making them a frog today!

The matching boots also made by Western Chief are green and have eyes and a tongue on them. The boots are padded, have a lining and have a rubber sole on the bottom to prevent slipping.  The sizes of the boot range form 5 toddler to  7M big Kid. It comes in colors Olive Green or Frog green!

Look for a matching umbrella too!

Buy this cute Tinkerbell rain-slicker complete with wings on the back. This purple rain coat has a picture of Tinkerbell and her faerie dust on the front. On the back are waterproof faerie wings with a design. Make a little girl feel like they can fly! In addition you can purchase the Heart Purple Rain Boot to complete the ensemble.  You can look for Tinkerbell umbrellas as well.

 Keep your little monster warm and dry during the rainy season!  This raincoat made by Western Chief comes in sizes form infant to 6 Big Kid.  The adorable jacket in blue has a little monster face on horns on the top of the hood.  The Monster face is then repeated on the pocket.  Look for Western Chiefs little monster rain boots for kids.  Also in blue the little monster face is on the bottom of the boot. This boot has a lining inside to keep feet dry and warm.  Bottom of soles has tread.  This is a cute outfit for your little monster! 

Kidorable Toddler/Little Kid Dinosaur Rain Coat and Boots

 Let your little dinosaur ROAR at the rain in  this ADORABLE dinosaur rain jacket!  The jacket is green with scales that spike at the shoulders.  There is a picture of two little dinosaurs on the front. This product comes with a special dinosaur hanger.  You can also purchase matching dinosaur boots and umbrella.  This would make an excellent Easter gift for the mud puddle hopper in your family.

Now here is a CUTE raincoat for your special bug. Be sure to keep your child warm, dry and stylish in a ladybug raincoat. This red raincoat comes complete with spots and antenne on the hood. There is a smiling ladybug face on the hood and on the pocket. Complete the look with Western Chiefs lady bug boots. The boots are read with polka dots and a smiling bug face . The boots are insulated to keep the wet out and the dry in. There is a ladybug umbrella available as well.

 Very Pretty in pink, this Western Chief ensemble includes a pink Hello Kitty  raincoat as well as a pink Hello Kitty  umbrella.  Hello Kitty in on the front on this raincoat.  On the hood is a white bow.   The raincoat is fringed with a pink stripe of material with white polka dots.  The umbrella alternates in pink and white with the Hello Kitty face.  On the underside there is white polka dots with a pink background. Be sure to purchase the pink Hello Kitty boots with polka dots to compete you little one's look. The sizes of the rain coat vary form infant to 6 in  big kids.

 Get your little on stylish in the Leopard raincoat.  This raincoat is available in sizes 2T- 4T  The Raincoat features the leopard design and is accented by a black stripe over both pockets, at the sleeves and along the bottom of the jacket.  This coat tends to fit slightly large.  There are matching boots an umbrella available.

 Look how precious this is!  Like something right out  of Vogue this little raincoat by Pluie Pluie is darling!  The Lined Blue Flowers raincoat comes in sizes 4/5.  It features a pretty floral print and is lined to keep  your little one warm.  It  has two pockets up front and has a tailored fit about it.  Complete this fashion ensemble by ordering the matching Pluie Pluie boots and the  matching Pluie Pluie  umbrella!

Disney Buzz Lightyear Raincoat for Boys

To Infinity and Beyond! Is what your little one will say when he dresses up in his favorite Buzz light year raingear. the Rain jacket is blue and features the Buzz lightyear character on the front. With the words Buzz to the rescue! There are two side snap pockets and the jacket is lined for extra warmth. Get in style by also coordinating Buzz Lightyear boots and umbrella for this outfit. Sizes of the rain jacket range from 2T to 3T.

 You can't go wrong with a classic.  This Mickey Mouse raincoat is suitable for any Mickey fan.  The red raincoat features a picture of Mickey Mouse hopping in a mud puddle on the front.  The Raincoat features two side pockets.  To get the complete look get the Mickey mouse boots and umbrella sold separately.

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Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thank you breakfastpop and sandyspider. They are very cute outfits!

Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 6 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

Nice hub.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

So cute, they are good enough to eat!

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