Rebel Bras For Rebel Men

When most bra wearing humans think about brassieres, they think about support, comfort, picking one that doesn't dig into their shoulders painfully, ones they won't accidentally fall out of, ones that flatter the figure. But there are some bra wearing humans for whom the mundane applications of brassiere wearing are irrelevant. There are some for whom a bra is not just an item of clothing, but a fashion accessory that says, Yes! I Dare!

These bras are for those men (and any women who might happen to feel the same way.)

Elle MacPherson Crochet Bra

We begin the non-conforming with a brassiere that has crochet on it. Fancy that! Crochet! Not lace, which is so typical and conformist and mainstream, man, but crochet! Crochet rocks, and you will too if you wear this brassiere. Am I saying that merely by wearing a piece of clothing your essential nature will change and you will become more rocking? Yes. Yes I am, and I think that's a perfectly reasonable claim to make.

Giraffe Leopard Bandeau Bra

Yes, I have totally mentioned this before, but it definitely deserves mention again. A bandeau bra with giraffe and leopard patterns on it. Is there anything more rebellious in the world than that? Why, it defies the very laws of nature itself! If you don't yet own this bra, I urge you to rectify that situation, for this is a brassiere that will go down in the annals of history. Like Che Guevara's face, or Hitler's mustache.

Marie Jo Avaro Plunge Bra

It's shiny! It's gold! It was seen on Oprah! (But we should definitely not hold that against it because look at the pretty daisies on the straps and the sort of woven pattern that travels the cups making the wearer look as if they had a bad lunch with King Midas. Oh the rebellion from the norms of color! Oh the utter glory of a brassiere that does not look like other brassieres. One that does not hide its light under a bushel. Bless you Marie Joe Avaro, with your unnecessarily long name, for bringing us this brassiere.

Jezebel French Doll Ruffled Bra

If I have to point out why a ruffled bra is deeply rebellious, then I don't know if the world makes sense anymore. Break free of the tyranny of smooth bras and wear this utterly delightful pink satin black lace ruffled brassiere that proclaims its femininity unashamedly to the world. Time travelers to 14th century France are highly advised to take this brassiere with them. As usual, all bras here are featured on, if you want to know precisely where to buy them.

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Lynn 6 years ago

Thank you,Hope,for branching out from panties to include bras in your posts.These are all really pretty bras and you have inspired and empowered me,I'm going to put on a bra right now and then go shopping for more.

retrophoto profile image

retrophoto 6 years ago

I'm with Lynn on this one. As they say in the Flintstones, "Charge it!"

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