Red Handbags

In nature, many animals have some sort of marker, especially the males in order to help them stand out; a way to show off so to speak and probably stimulate the animal’s confidence as far as it can be consciously stimulated. An example is the mane in the lion, or the tale in the peacock. These objects of ‘selection’ are found mostly in males because males are the gender that has to compete most of the time, leaving the female free to focus her energies on raising and protecting the young. Now in human beings the dynamic is somewhat different, since females these days need to compete just as much as the males and in most areas of life, not just sexual selection. Both sexes of our species lack any significant marker for this purpose, probably because of the development of our brain, so we make our own. Focusing on the female self made markers; red handbags if you think about it are really one of the most useful and dare it be said powerful.

What makes said handbags so powerful in the use of advertising a positive, confident female human being is mostly found in the color of the accessory! Red is a very powerful color and has a very significant effect on the human beings. Red conjures up feelings of passion and this can be very useful if you are the timid sort. It has the effect of stimulating your energy, makes you feel more enthusiastic and increases interest both from you in the subject/object in question and in you. The color red seems to help you go after what you want and also gives you the ability to transfer that impression to others and at the same time protects you from anxieties or fears; thus increasing personal confidence as well as confidence in you. Red is also described as the warmest of all colors that can be used to your advantage in the proper context. However in a negative context can stimulate negative passions of rage or anger, so be warned.

Anyway if you are going on a date with a guy that you really like and want to go well; then wearing something red or carrying a red accessory can go a long way to inspiring confidence in yourself as well as the correct responses in/from him. It does not end there because a red handbag can give you that all important confidence booster at an important interview or meeting. Go ahead and give it a try and see if it works. Think about it, because one way this phenomenon can be demonstrated is in the human love for fast, red cars.


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