Red Wing Boots

Is your workplace safety important to you? Redwing boots are known for their safety boots and Red Wing Boots have protected the feet and soles of our soldiers since World Ware 1 and 2. With a century of experience, Redwing boots have become synonymous with quality and safety and people buy Red Wing boots because they care about safety and comfort. Today Red Wing Boots have more than 150 styles for you to choose from, and will be able to meet all your needs from lifestyle needs such as for hiking and motorcycling, and also for work such as for the logger and industrial workplace needs. Whatever boots or red wing shoes you get, one thing is for sure. The quality and craftsmanship is undeniable; the use of quality leather and the exacting standards paid to each boot during the crafting and also the inspection before it gets out of the factory door.

Quality of Red Wing Boots

The quality and craftsmanship of each Red Wing boots is unrivaled. To ensure quality, the first step in the Red Wing boot making process is the selection and inspection of the raw materials. The leather for each boot is chosen carefully. The durability and flex of the leather is assessed before it is put into the crafting of a genuine Red Wing Boots. Only premium grade leather is used and each of the stages of the manufacturing is done primarily by hand. The cutting of the leather, the stitching and lasting of the individual pieces of leather into a Red Wing boot is made by the hands of trained professionals in Red Wing. And before the boots get sent to the shop, each boots is inspected to ensure that the stitching and leather quality conforms to the strict Red Wing quality.

Safety of the Boots

Red Wing boots also meets many international safety standards. It meets 3 main international standards which explain the popularity of Red Wing Boots. They are:

1. European Standard requirements for safety footwear for professional use. EN ISO 20345:2004

2. Singapore Productivity and Standards Board for basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety footwear. (SS105:1997)

3. Australian and New Zealand Standards Association requirements for occupational protective footwear fitted with toe caps for the protection of the wearer classified as medium duty (AS/NZS 2210.2)

On top of these standards, Red Wing safety boots also have many other safety features that protect you as the wearer. The Steel Toe cap which is available in many of Red Wing Steel Toe safety boots are made of tempered steel toe caps that meet ASTM F 2413-05 standards for impact and compression. And for those of you who hate to trigger the metal detection when walking through metal detection gates, there is a lightweight, nonmetallic toe cap work boots that meets or exceeds ASTM F 2413-05 safety standards.

Red Wing boots are also designed for industrial workplace. Electrical Hazard protection and Static Dissipative protection that meets the ASTM F 2413-05 standards are also available in certain boot design and Puncture Resistant is made possible with corrosion-resistant Steel-Flex® stainless steel midsole that can withstand punctures up to a force of 270 lbs. You can of course be assured that basic water proofing is available with your Red Wing waterproof safety boots.

More than 150 Styles

There are many types of Red Wing boots that can meet the lifestyle and occupational needs of any of us. And I will just list a few of my personal favorite Red Wing boots that not only fulfill the functional requirements but are also aesthetically more pleasing in the Red Wing range.

Red Wing Men's Classic Lifestyle Boot

This boot is for casual wear and it not only complements daily work clothes but it is also suitable for outdoor wear to the park and even to the hiking trail. The rugged look with the thick treaded sole gives confidence to the wearer. Of course since it is a Red Wing boot, it is waterproof and offers protection against normal life accidents.

Red Wing Men's Desert Boot

This is a really cool looking pair of chukka boots with tumbled leather in a casual chukka boot style. With the smooth lining and cushioned insole for comfort, this sturdy midsole Red Wing boot also comes with crepe rubber outsole for grip and shock-absorption. It comes in Briar Oil Slick or Oro-Iginal color options.

Red Wing Oblique Toe Steel Toe 6" Work Boot

This is a classic work boot with a protective steel toe. The leather is supple and breathable which allows your feet to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you are walking and standing for long hours, this pair of boots with a safety steel toe and electrical hazard protection will keep you and your feet safe and comfortable.

Red Wing Men's Safety Toe 8" Work Boot

This black beauty is lightweight and strong and comes with a non-metallic safety toe. The boot is sturdy and is comfortable enough for whole day wear. It also comes with a removable footbed for comfort. The boot is also slip resistant as it has an oil and slip resistant sole.

Red Wing Boots can be found at major shoe stores and online. You can find Red Wing Boots discount online if you search on sites like

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