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Laser Removal

Do you wish that your legs were permanently silky, smooth and you didn't have to continually wax or shave them? If the answer is yes then you would sit the vast majority of women in the world. Laser hair removal is a completely safe and long term solution for saying bye to unwanted hair. Becoming increasingly popular and used by both men and women, this solution makes our lives that little bit easier and helps us to stay that little bit more attractive! Laser hair removal is not only used to remove leg hair, but infact any hair you might need removing. Some examples would include: Pubic regions, Facial hair, Armpits and Legs. However the cost of treatment can vary from company to company. However there are some fantastic companies offering special deals and savings that are worth looking into! Sometimes even as low as reduced to half price.

Special Offers.......

SK:N Clinics - often have fantastic offers for laser hair treatments, which range from anything between 20% - 40% off. You can also usually get a deal along the lines of - Buy 6 sessions for the price of 4... A free consultation is available, which will allow you to decide which treatments are right for you.

Harley Medical - Professionals that really look after the patient. Special offers on treatments are often available. Also offering free consultations. You can save between 10%-30% with Harley depending on the promotional offers at the time. Flexible finance is also available.

Court House Clinics - Saving of 25% is usually available. Consultations can be booked in order to decide treatments. There are many different courses to choose from and it is worth looking at the photos and pictures to see how successful the process can be.

Does it work?

Laser Hair Removal has been examined worldwide through clinical research and has proven to be extremey successful.

What is the procedure?

A cream is applied, and then pulses of intense light are delivered to the hairs.

How Long Before Im Silky Smooth?

It can take up to 2 weeks for the hair to come off, and the best way to do this is to allow it to do so naturally. Then you will have permanent hair removal of the very best effectiveness.

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