Remedies and Tips for Natural Teeth Whitening


Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Many people have proven the efficacy of natural teeth whitening treatments. These are the ones that can be seen right within your own homes. In each of the following enumerations, you will find out more about your options.

1. Natural acids in berries and citrus fruits can whiten the teeth. But one must be careful about this because prolonged use of acidic fruits may erode the enamel from the surface of the tooth making more harm than good.

2. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to make teeth whiter. Using it with baking soda can whiten the teeth. You may need not to worry of the adverse effects of the acidic natured home remedies. Some tooth pastes include this combination of teeth whitening treatment in their products.

3. Apple cider and the combination of bay leaves and orange peel are some old practices used for teeth whitening.

4. Chewing of mint leaves and rubbing the teeth with fresh baked sage leaves with sea salt will aid in natural teeth whitening.

Just to beat the expensive cost of teeth whitening treatment, people usually turn to home remedies on natural teeth whitening which also includes apples, lemons, apricots and strawberries. These essential things, for sure cannot cause any side effects on your overall health.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Teeth White and Clean

You can try the following tips to maintain a natural white teeth.

1. First is the use of water. If brushing the teeth cannot be done, you can rinse the mouth with water after drinking soda, tea or coffee. In this case, you can lessen the possibility of staining the teeth.

2. Eating crunchy foods such as fruits and vegetables is another way of natural teeth whitening that you can make use of. You can eat carrot, apple, celery and other kinds of fruits and vegetables that can help remove tartar and plaque and can give a clean and fresh feeling breath as well.

3. Using straw when drinking soda or any sugary drinks can limit the amount of liquid that comes in contact with your teeth. In this way, staining of the teeth can be avoided.

4. Chewing gums can also help clean teeth from tartar and plaque since the gums get in between the teeth. It works as a natural teeth whitening method also. Just take note that you must choose one that is sugarless since gum with sugar may do you harm than good.

5. Basically, to have a brighter white smile means to refrain from using products that can stain or discolor your teeth. Examples of these are red wines, cigarettes, dark sodas, tea or coffee, and tartar building sweet chocolates.

6. Lastly don’t forget to brush your teeth at least three times a day and make sure to do it not too hard because it can cause damage. All these will help you maintain clean white teeth.

Aside from this, you may visit your dentist at least twice a year for oral check up to be sure that you don’t have any cavities or gingivitis.

With all these natural whitening tips and remedies in mind, you can be sure you will gain the results you want for this endeavor. Remember that employing all these teeth whitening methods require discipline and dedication on your part. You have to prepare for it as much as possible to avoid problems later on in the process.



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