Rice Water For Your Skin

Heard of Rice Water as a Facial Cleanser?

A month ago I ran out of facial cleanser and was thinking whether home DIY cleanser will be any good compare to the commercial skin care products. Immediately rice water came to my mind because my granny use to tell me that there are few skincare products available at their time which was 50 or 60 years ago and all they have is rice water. They frequently uses rice water to wash their face and they are easy to get since it came from the water that was used to wash rice everyday. I thought this is great since I can reuse the water that I wash rice with and not letting them go to waste.

Preparing Rice Water

This home facial cleanser is easy to do. If you are keen to join in the fun you can follow these steps:

1) You stir rice in a bowl of water and discard the first wash to clear away dirty particles.

2) Then, fill the bowl with water again and stir the second time. Stir a few times before filling them in a bottle or container and keep them in the fridge. It will last two to three days. When the rice water smells bad, discard it away.

3) To wash your face, you can either splash rice water on your face or you can soak your cotton pad in rice water and place it on your face to act as a facial mask.

Effects of Rice Water

After a month of experimenting on rice water, I found that my skin has improved. It is not a lot but at least I don't have dry skin anymore. The rice water will keep the skin clear, moist and it has the effects of shrinking pores too.

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