Right Hand Diamond Rings

Diamond right hand rings are every woman's personal expression. At least that is what the advertising was meant to convey when the diamond industry began their campaign for this new look in diamond rings. It is not actually a new look but a more contemporary spin on the good old cocktail ring.

Cocktail rings have developed a reputation for shabbiness because of all the cluster diamond ring drek that was sold in the 80s and 90s and which can be seen on a good number of women in their 60s and 70s.

They were enamored of the big piled high crusty look of bunches of poor quality small diamonds in some form of a pyramid with the "lotsa look for the cash" type of appearance. The diamond industry wanted to get away from this type of merchandise feeling that it was sullying the image of diamonds in the public consciousness as a timeless symbol of love and value.

The diamond industry wanted to get away from this look partly because diamond melee prices were trending upwards and the labor prices in India, China, Thailand and other countries began to go up as their fledgling economies began to head North.

These same rings were getting pricier to manufacture but the expectation of customers was that they were supposed to forever remain inexpensive. So what De Beers and other diamond industry stalwarts decided to do was to create a campaign around a new type of look that was big on sophistication with a different symbolical twist.

Instead of a bold cocktail ring for under $300, women were now encouraged to shop for the right hand diamond ring which was more fashion forward with designer appeal. And so were right hand diamond rings born as a product category to itself.

The ring you see at the top right is the basic working style that de beers used in their blanket advertising for the diamond retail industry. You may remember this in TV ad spots from 2004 to 2006 when De Beers went all out in getting behind the product

What A Right Hand Ring Means

The symbolism wasn't entirely clear to a lot of women so this took some time to take off. nevertheless the idea was that this ring was supposed to represent a woman's accomplishment, as a way to treat herself to something more sophisticated than a trashy, generic cocktail ring with sub par diamonds.

Instead this would be a shiny gift to herself with better quality diamonds and some designer pedigree behind it. In other words it was supposed to be exactly contrarian to the ring on her left hand, most notably her engagement ring and wedding band.

Of course the diamond retail industry tripped over themselves to put all kinds of diamond ring products into this category in the hopes of stimulating sales of older merchandise that could be relabeled as right hand rings. Check out the blue diamond band above.

This was not a hard fit into the category since it was still a diamond ring and not clearly a wedding band and the diamonds were blue, an individualistic departure from a regular wedding band. Of course today after all the right hand ring promotion is now muted it would be known simply as a blue diamond band

Right Hand Rings All About Style

Since the rings on her left hand were a celebration of marriage and a union with someone else's ideals, the right hand was her own little corner that she could call her own and would represent whatever she wanted it to represent.

For instance, right hand rings could even be devoid of diamonds. Check out this ruby ring to the right. The modern styling and stone choice speaks clearly to the personalized style that this ring symbolizes. After all, you do see rubies as side stones on engagement rings so why not a ruby on a right hand ring.

She could even go all goth and dare to wear a black diamond right hand ring if she so chose. It would be her own unique expression of style and substance away from her wedding rings but unlike a blaze cocktail ring it would undoubtedly be the equal of her wedding rings in terms of what it represented.

Unique Right Hand Diamond Rings

Unique right hand diamond rings can represent all manner of things to women of all ages, but most importantly it would represent her individuality apart from her married life.

So if she went out for a night on the town, her wedding rings would say that she is currently spoken for but her right hand ring would speak proudly of her accomplishments outside the association of her married life.

It could also peak to her sense of style and heritage. Many vintage looking diamond rings came to be worn as right hand rings with old miners cut and rose cut diamonds as a testament to style and the value of stule in history. Check out this Edwardian right hand ring to the right.

Right Hand Rings Price Points & Fashion

This is how the diamond industry was able to present this newfangled product that would relegate cheap cocktail rings to their abominable past and right hand diamond fashion rings would take center stage backed by famous jewelry designers and advertising that conveyed the right message.

This was also accompanied by a change in price point expectations on part of the public. A $300 fashion diamond ring was not a right hand ring. It was too low a price point to be endorsed by any designer of good repute.

Price points for right hand rings started from $600 and looked hip with trendy design aesthetics and good quality diamonds compared to trashy looking cocktail rings.

Check out the tanzanite ring to the right. Previously this would be known as a cocktail rings but because of its designer origin and high original styling it can be called a right hand ring. The style is fabulous, not modern and not classic but simply divine and full of character with a couture look. Don't hold your breath but a ring like this will sell for upwards of $15,000.00.

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cocktail rings 5 years ago

Great hub!

As a jewellery designer, the right hand ring is one of my favourite things to design. It's a real opportunity to go crazy and experiment with interesting and unusual materials.

I would be interested to hear what you think to my designs: http://www.andrewgeoghegan.com/the-collection/ring...

Thanks, Andy

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